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  1. Demon Hunters Saga Complete! (Original/DX)

  2. Demon Hunters DX - Season 3 Complete!!

    Season 3 of my Demon Hunters DX saga is complete.

    Itís open @

    Iím taking me a one and a half weekly break just so I can focus on how Iím going to approach the final season.
  3. Demon Hunters DX - Volume 5 Complete!

    Completed Volume 5 of my Demon Hunters DX saga. Itís now open @

    Iím taking a weekly break from this saga.
  4. The Night of Warakia - Re-Edit Complete

    I re-added ďThe Night of WarakiaĒ @

    I made some minor changes to the story and I hope youíll like it.

    Updated October 25th, 2022 at 10:19 PM by Christopher H2

  5. Demon Hunters DX - Season 2

    I completed Season 2 of my Demon Hunters DX saga. Itís now open @

    Please, read at your own risk!

    Iím taking a week and a half break from this saga so I can get ready for Season 3.
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