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Christopher H2

  1. The Scarred Stars (Re-Edit) Complete. The New Era in the Works?!

    Completed "The Scarred Stars" re-edit. It's now available @

    I made some minor changes to this story and I hope you like it.

    Now, that I completed "The Scarred Stars", I'm working on the FINAL chapter of the LunarFate saga. It's called "The New Era". This will feature the final battle between Utan and the embodiment of Angra Maniyu - Zakura. I'm working on how that story's going to turn out now, but I'll ...
  2. Demon Hunters Saga Complete! (Original/DX)

  3. Demon Hunters DX - Season 3 Complete!!

    Season 3 of my Demon Hunters DX saga is complete.

    Itís open @

    Iím taking me a one and a half weekly break just so I can focus on how Iím going to approach the final season.
  4. Demon Hunters DX - Volume 5 Complete!

    Completed Volume 5 of my Demon Hunters DX saga. Itís now open @

    Iím taking a weekly break from this saga.
  5. The Night of Warakia - Re-Edit Complete

    I re-added ďThe Night of WarakiaĒ @

    I made some minor changes to the story and I hope youíll like it.

    Updated October 25th, 2022 at 10:19 PM by Christopher H2

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