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  1. Fate/Grand Order: The New Hawaiian Order - Main Servants (2007 A.D.) [Plans For A New Arc - Remaking The Demon Hunters Saga]

    Fate/Grand Order: The Hawaiian Arc (The New Hawaiian Order - 2007 A.D.)

    This arc takes us back to 2007, the year that LunarFate began. Instead of the Angra Maniyu corrupting Hawaii, a Japanese scientist arrives and turns the entire male population of Hawaii into women. Now, Mash and Ritsuka aids a female Utan and her allies as they try to stop Kaguya from ruling Hawaii.
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  2. LunarFate: The Scarred Stars (Draft in April/LunarFate EX In The Works???)

    The final chapter of the LunarFate saga "The Scarred Stars" will be made in the end of April. I had planned on making the 1st draft of the script in the middle of June, but so many "undisclosed" things happened in order for me to push it to the end of April. I also had plans on making "LunarFate EX: The New Era" next year; pending on how "The Scarred Stars" turns out, I'll make "The New Era" without any hesitation.

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  3. New Website - Christopher's Story Station & The Scarred Stars Outline Progression

    I've already added "The Adventures of Utan" onto the website. I'll add the rest of the stories later on and get started on what maybe the final chapter of the LunarFate saga.
  4. The World's Wrath (Re-edited) and Getting Smashed on the Wii U

    I was able to complete my re-edit of "The World's Wrath". This re-edited fanfic contains seventeen chapters.

    Chapter 1: = DL =
    Chapter 2: = DL =
    Chapter 3: = DL =
    Chapter 4: = DL =

    Chapter 5: = DL =
    Chapter 6: = DL =
    Chapter 7: = DL =
    Chapter 8: = DL =

    Chapter 9: = DL =
    Chapter 10: = DL =
    Chapter 11: = DL =
    Chapter 12: = DL =

    Chapter 13: = DL =
    Chapter 14: = DL =
    Chapter ...

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