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The deer's blog.

Al now has a blog, FEAR IT!

  1. FFXIV

    by , March 26th, 2017 at 06:21 AM (The deer's blog.)
    For those who care, where I've spending a lot of my time (instead of writing) would be playing Final Fantasy 14.

    Alulim Lahamu - Famfrit.
  2. Short Feeling

    That feeling when you're reading the manga Uzumaki in a bookstore and then you realize you're wearing a t-shirt with a spiral on it.

  3. Al has a sad

    by , December 29th, 2012 at 03:14 PM (The deer's blog.)
    Hmm...I am not feeling well. People are being stupid, I am getting absorbed in that, and my parakeet died.

    So excuse me while I go sulk in the corner.
    Tags: sad
  4. The Fourth

    The Fourth of July.

    Well, it was fun. Family friends came over for dinner, and talked a lot. The lake community did fireworks as always. And I, for the first time in years, felt well enough to go on the boat and go see them.

    Up close. I could always see them distantly from my house.

    The old couple across the street (the same that now has a tree in their kitchen) came with us on that trip.
    Tags: Fireworks
  5. Power Outage

    Man, this storm that blew through really roughed up my street. The poor old couple across the street now have a new addition to their the form of a hundred-something year-old oak tree. I lost trees as well, including my favourite beech, thankfully they didn't hit the house at least. ...Though a large branch did knock a few roof-tiles out of place, but we were intending to get a new roof anyway.

    Power was gone for at least thirty-six hours...we lost nearly everything in ...
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