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Verg Avesta

  1. Just a rumor I heard

    But looks like he's bringing back that brand of cigarettes. You know, that brand.
  2. hey internet

    oh boy I sure do love me some researching of immortality and all that stuff

    almost reached the Root the other day. better hurry up or I'll do it tomorrow or the day after!

    PS. might have zombified a village while I was at it
  3. So I'm back

    Or something.

    Maybe because I'm a glutton for punishment.
  4. Excerpts from No Internet Life 1

    So, withouth proper internet connection at home, I've had time to do other things. Such as play Period, visual novel I never finished. This has made me realize something about the artist of the game, who is the same one that did most of Eiyuu Senki.


    Why? Because he can't draw normal clothes. Everything must have gorillion frills, ruffles, bows, ribbons, buttons and layers. And the chokers. EVERY CHARACTER NO MATTER WHO MUST HAVE SOMETHING SQUEEZING ...
    Tags: hack
  5. The dream is dead

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