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  1. Covers

    For my fan-fiction, cause I can.

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  2. Servant Sheets Are For Nerds

    Shinedown - Heroes






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  3. My Fate can't be this stupid.

    This is where I'll dump the overall idea for this big project I've had going for the past two years. It's mainly still in the brainstorm phase.

    So, considering how large it is, I've split it into different parts. Here they are in chronological order:

    You Are My King - 1939 | Fate/empty heart (Fate/apoc) - early 2000s | Wild Hunt - 2004-? | Hero Fall - 2004-?
    | Minds of Steel - ?

    Characters (POV characters in red)

    You Are My King


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  4. Writing Goals

    So, I don't have much to say other than for the past several weeks in my spare time I've been rewriting and polishing up my fan-fiction works (I've done some original fiction too but none I'm ever going to share) since I'm one of those people that launches into something, gets so far before losing interest one way or another and putting it on indefinite hold, rarely to come back to and finishing any of them.

    As I have no one to help me in this endeavour, I would just like to ask if ...

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  5. Finally. I made a blog.


    I want to start by saying fuck all of you that we need more Fate/Prototype fanfiction.

    Also less Shirou.

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