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668 - Neighbor of the Beast

Rambling, ranting, and whatever I feel like. I'm not a huge blogger, so don't expect any kind of regular updates whatsoever.

  1. That fresh, tingly clean feeling.

    Apparently, a good shower won't get you fully clean. No, to do that, you'll need to fill up your entire tub with Pepsi and take a bath in it.

    No, seriously.

    Fizz fizz!
  2. It's that time of year again.

    It's my birthday, and simply put, that means another 24 hours of ye olde Reddit tradition - Ask Me Anything.

    Go ahead. Do it. I'll even answer honestly, no matter how strange or weird the question may be.

    Unless you try to be silly, of course. After all, it's "Ask Me Anything," not "I'll Answer Everything."
  3. The exploration of Cube World can reveal some amazing things.

    For example, I have found the home of Mrs. Spinecrusher herself. (It's also colored red, which means I'd better not step foot on it, or I'll get shanked.)

    And I also found the home for all Allies of Justice.

    And I have... well, a hell ...
    Tags: Cube World
  4. Now... where should I go today?

  5. Losing your power during a heatwave is fun, fun, fun. So is learning you were lucky to not have your house burn down.

    Power had been flaky all week, really. This heatwave that's swamped the US has obviously made a lot of people desire to crank up the AC and cool off. Breakers and stuff began flipping on our old box, but obviously, we thought little of it aside to go over to the breaker box, flip it back, and maybe try to use a little less juice.

    That was all good and well, until about 8 PM Wednesday night, when four ACs were running in the house. This time, the whole house went dark, and when we tried ...
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