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  1. Zurvan's Avatar
    I'm intrigued
  2. Kirby's Avatar
    I mean, you can just make an archive blog with links to the threads? And there's also author tags which work for that, too.

    Also, Fic forum is slow enough nowadays that getting a deluge of new fics and threads would be a blessing and not something to complain about
  3. TwilightsCall's Avatar
    I was mainly just putting up stuff here that's already floating around the fanfic board anyways just as a place to organize them all together. As I was planning on doing a bunch of things that never had their own threads all at once, I felt it might be a bit...not good to make like four or five threads all in a few days. And I don't put out regularly enough to feel justified in making a single thread consolidating all of them.

    I suppose they'd get a bit more publicity in the fanfic subforum, but I was doing this mostly for archival purposes, so I hadn't really thought of that...but now that you mention it I'm kind of wondering why I didn't lol
  4. You's Avatar
    why not make thread for these in the fanfic threads?