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  1. Hopeluvjoy's Avatar
    pls no beam. Don't go to the dark side. It isn't worth it nothing is worth the pain of going there. ;_;
  2. Strange_One's Avatar
    Another collector of stalker hordes I see
  3. DezoPenguin's Avatar
    Those are a lot of posts and follows already for someone who just started this yesterday.

    (...must remember to bookmark tonight...)

    (Hey, you snuck your AU in there! *snickers at "The Sloth's Nest," which should be a thing regardless of what you otherwise do*)
    Updated October 3rd, 2013 at 09:49 AM by DezoPenguin
  4. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Me too >_>

    I just post photos there.
    Updated October 3rd, 2013 at 04:58 AM by Strife ❤️
  5. Seika's Avatar
    Ha, we have sunk our claws into you!
  6. LoyaltL's Avatar
    What is this 'making an account on tumblr' thing you speak of? Is it not just simply a place where you can get hold of good Gifs?
  7. Aiden's Avatar
    Weakness can lead to fun things sometimes!
  8. Moczo's Avatar
    You're so weak.

    ... And yes, I'll be bookmarking it.

    Don't judge me.
    Updated October 2nd, 2013 at 10:44 PM by Moczo
  9. Aiden's Avatar
    .. are you sure RadiantBeam was not already claimed by you in some fugue of lost memory?
  10. DezoPenguin's Avatar
    Definitely not a surprise, given how long it's been. Though I'm somewhat surprised that you felt it was so shackled to the plot of HF, given that nothing in what's actually happened since Rin found Sakura instead of Shirou has actually matched up with the events of HF. Hmmm...

    That said, long fics do always work better when you know what you're doing with them. Speaking of which, how's Fellows coming?
  11. Elf's Avatar
    Sometimes a story dies by messy coat hanger. Others become more than what their creators have intended and get put out to pasture.
  12. Moczo's Avatar
    It was not a surprise, even when you brought it up. The story had clearly been dead for awhile, it was just a case of making it official. I'll always have a little spot in my heart for Rain... I think it was the first story we ever really cooperated on. But it was also clearly never going to finish.
  13. Aiden's Avatar
    Alas, it was cool while it was there. But I understand completely.
  14. DezoPenguin's Avatar
    Good luck! Hope you're enjoying your first day!
  15. LJ3's Avatar
    Hey, congrats and good luck.
  16. Altima of the Gates's Avatar
    Good luck, and don't be afraid to ask questions.
  17. Tobias's Avatar
    Genbatte imasu, beam-chan!
  18. Elf's Avatar
    Good luck with it!
  19. Gaia's Avatar
    Good luck, Beamu!
  20. Kelnish's Avatar
    Good luck! I'm sure you'll do well because you're a pretty cool dude.
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