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  1. The wonders of Tumblr.

    by , January 18th, 2013 at 06:38 PM (Beam's Blog of Writing and Other Things.)
  2. Mind of a Wild Fanfic Writer: Ayaka/Shirou.

    by , April 23rd, 2012 at 06:31 PM (Beam's Blog of Writing and Other Things.)
    So I felt like doing a blog post today on one of the two 'verses I currently have going on in my drabble dump thread. Was going to make it MoS!Rin, but I can't pass up the opportunity to gush a bit about Ayaka/Shirou because my God, I love it to pieces. It's my excuse to write Ayaka, write fluff, and write Shirou getting some lovin' all in one!

    The concept of the pairing, from what I remember, initially started in my Grandfatherly Gifts thread; at the time, it was a thought of Shirou ...
  3. You Guys.

    by , April 19th, 2012 at 08:19 PM (Beam's Blog of Writing and Other Things.)
    You guys.

    I think I finally, finally found my OTP with Shirou. It started out with Saber, and then it was Rin for awhile, but now I think I've found the one girl I can never, ever truly break him away from. Actually, two girls. And neither of them are his canon love interests.

    Oh yes. I am an Ayaka/Shirou and Maiya/Shirou fangirl. AND THAT LAST ONE HAS SUCH A MASSIVE AGE GAP MY GOD.

  4. Beam's take on Shirou (Or, why I always write lesbians and never write about the hero).

    by , March 23rd, 2012 at 10:50 PM (Beam's Blog of Writing and Other Things.)
    So, on my blog post about why I tend to write so much about lesbians, I made a comment about how I found Shirou 'boring'. At the time I left it at that, mostly because my post then wasn't about Shirou. But recently I have been wondering why the guy doesn't click with me much when it comes to writing; I really just rarely write him, even when I usually end up giving him a happy end with his girl of choice.

    I want to start off by saying that as a character, I don't dislike Shirou. I actually ...
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