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  1. Prixmium Links

    I reached a point where I'm running out of room to put stuff in my signature due to formatting counting against the character length, and I'd like to free up some space, so this is a list of links to posts/blog posts/outside links that mean something.

    Blog Posts

    Forum Posts

  2. Time and life and Type Moon

    It's been a while since I regularly posted on here. I'm not sure that is likely to change, but recently I'd had some time when I had nothing else to do, so I clicked on the icon for this website the Firefox new tab page gives me. It insists tat BL is one of my top-websites, no matter how long I leave, presumably because of the sheer number of individual page views required to view a forum. It's weird.

    Anyway, I've been thinking about Type Moon from an almost abstract point of view ...
  3. Servant Sheets and/or Fic Reference

    I only have one thing to put here right now, but I was sort of trying and failing to remember if I had posted more than one Servant sheet. As mentioned in the Create-A-Servant 2 thread, the reason I made the Cain sheet was as a reference for my Sevenfold fic, spoiler alert if you care/are paying attention. If I do anything else or make any other kind of extra fic-related stuff, I guess I can stick it here.

    Servant Sheets

    Christianity and Judaism

    Assassin ...

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  4. The Wild, Wild West

    'Twas the night before Friday, and all through the forum
    There was not a single mod to enforce any decorum
  5. Prix's Type Moon Consumption Log

    This is a personal record made in a public space not so much out of any sense of accountability but for easy reference's sake. I am sort of reluctant to constantly-update in What Are You Consuming thread that may or may not last or in RT because I sort of need time to process without feeling like I have to say something profound or concisely coherent about how I feel about whatever thing. However, if you care to at all, you're welcome to recommend what I should read/watch next (within reason) or ...

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