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In-N-Out Double-Double & Animal Fries

  1. #animeindustryTANS

    So there's a thing going on right now between Aniplex, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Viz

    they're having a twitter thing where they're all trying to be characters in a slice of life anime

    Crunchyroll's tweets are pretty funny (BUT FUNI-KUN I WANT BE IN MY OWN OTOME GAME.)

    and hell, they even have their own character design competition going on now
  2. Fuck you HP

    I own an HP laptop, got it on sale for about $750 a year and a half back, it's got a 5650, 8gb of ram, an i7 920 and is all around half-decent in terms of specs.

    It breaks all the time. Apparently HP decided to use the shittiest components imaginable in building my computer. Ram sticks fail, cd drive bay won't open, heatsinks somehow managed to melt, battery refuses to charge.

    I've sent it in to get repaired like 6 or 7 times already and, each time, it comes back wither ...
  3. Oh shit

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