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Chaos Greyblood

  1. Kantai Collection - Kancolle

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    CVL are light carriers or seaplane tenders? I'm still getting used to some of the other classifications.
    DD = Destroyer
    CL = Light Cruiser
    CLT = Torpedo Cruiser
    CA = Heavy Cruiser
    CAV = Aviation Cruiser
    AV = Seaplane Tender
    CVL = Light Aircraft Carrier
    CV = Standard Aircraft Carrier
    BB = Battleship (slow)
    FBB = Battleship (fast, Kongou class)
    BBV = Aviation Battleship
    SS = Submarine
    SSV = Sub that can carry airplanes
  2. My Valentine gift to men and women.

    I give you all my gift for Valentine's Day as I perpetuate my annual tradition of this and enter my 2nd year. Here is my gift because I love you all so damn much!

  3. So, you may be wondering where I've been all this time

    Or maybe not. Some people do care and others don't even know I exist or others do and they haven't asked. How should I put this in words...

    To be honest, I've been feeling pretty damn nonplussed lately about a lot of stuff here in BL. I had to help out at some details and stuff because my brother will be moving away, I've been job hunting since New Year's with little to no success, things got slowed down to a crawl and my visits around here have become less and less frequent until now. ...
  4. A Beast's Lair Season's Greetings

    Well, it's a rather windy day, but it could be a lot colder from my hometown. Trust me, it makes you go Brrrrr!

    But my point is that I wish everyone Happy Holidays, a Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Season's Greetings and if you're too much of a scrooge, Bah humbug!
  5. In need of Tumblr schooling

    Well, there are one or two RPs I'd try my hand on, but a problem is that I'm a bit of a Tumblr noob because apparently I can't post on Tumblr sites without having been tagged as androidchaos (This is my tumblr name, BTW) instead of a secondary blog I made.

    I need a bit of help on that. Anyone willing to teach me?
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