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  1. On Finishing Things

    It's weird when stuff ends. TV shows, video games, books, pretty much anything that you'd normally sink hours into. What was once a favourite time sink is now gone. You can't just mindlessly rely on it more. You can't ever read a Harry Potter book for the first time after finishing the series. You'll never again go through seasons of anticipation and theory crafting while waiting to see how Breaking Bad will break your heart in the next episode. And you can only ever 100% Metal Gear Rising once, ...
  2. Completely Random Video Game Stuff

    Yes, I play video games, much like 90% of males under the age of 20, and 50% over. Yes, I pretty much pulled those numbers out of my ass. No, the ass-pulls will never end. Yes, you should probably get an umbrella.

    Now, video games. This time I'm heading straight to the point, with no more meandering introductory paragraphs to muddle things up. It's an hour and a half after midnight and my brain can't deal with any more fancy language.

    I kinda like video games. I guess. ...
  3. Is this what being old and crabby is like?

    Oh god, it's finally happening. I've reached the age where I've stopped being able to enjoy things that I used to love. The age where cruel reality finally begins to crush my idealistic hopes and dreams under its mighty boot, where funny youtube videos make me sigh instead of laugh. 'Tis horrible indeed, when I'm reduced to watching Two Best Friends Let's Playing Metal Gear Rising for hours on end, occasionally sprinkling in some all too sparse Epic Rap Battles to spice things up.

    Of ...
  4. More Stuff I Hate

    I think I might make this a thing. Not regular updates, because that would be dumb, but just rage blogs. Those are things, aren't they? I feel better when I type about stuff I despise, so I might as well keep going for my loyal reader base of a half dozen bored idiots (just kidding, you guys are cool). Now I've come to realize that there are things in this world that are worse than mountains and skiing.

    Allergies. Yeah, that's right I'm getting personal now.

    Shit sucks. ...
    Tags: allergies, HATE, nose, rage
  5. Falling Off a Mountain

    So, blogs. Finicky things, I've heard. Seems everybody's got one these days. As someone aiming to become the youngest old man ever, it's my duty to finally catch on to this crazy new phenomenon years after it's begun to show up, hopefully with a badly edited, poorly realized post that most likely doesn't belong in a blog at all.

    Mountains suck. Just wanna say this right off the bat. They're horrible, and anyone who thinks otherwise should feel horrible. Oh sure, they're nice and pretty ...