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  1. Keeping it going.

    Hi everyone,

    Given the fact that this has been some time since I blog in perhaps anywhere, I'm a little nervous again especially considering that I'm now out of college, and into an unknown beginning of my chapter of my adult life.

    College life was plenty fun. Going to football games, doing programming, software development, learning the ropes a little bit on the subject and then some. Ultimately I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. So that's something ...
  2. I'm now a graduate (Associate's Degree) one down, one or two to go.

    Leonard Norwood Jr. here. (or Leon)

    I've been very busy still celebrating my graduation From Tidewater Community College. Despite I have to retake one of my calculus class again so I can get a better grade so it can be transferrable to Norfolk State University, at the very least I now reached my goal in obtaining my associates degree.

    What's next is to continue my education and go for a Bachelor's degree. I've been fixated on computers for the longest time, so I figured ...

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  3. Klonoa's still hanging on.

    Hello people this is leon4281 here, and of course Max is here too, say hi max

    Max: *waves back*.

    Anyway, I'm in the school pretty much in the library until it closes and I thought I could throw in some time to talk about the Klonoa series. But I guess before I shoot my mouth off about that awesome anthropomorhic "cabbit", I should at least go over the series on more time.

    Klonoa started out with his first game on the Playstation called Klonoa: Door ...
  4. It's just one of those days.

    Sometimes you just have to look back on the awkwardness back then and the awkwardness right now. You wonder if stuff like having to fail on the test, yet do better on homework in terms of practice before the test, having to deal with a program that still riddled with errors, yet you had to fix one little thing you made that you cause 50 errors, and you're stubborn to calm down and get off the computer for 5 minutes and look up what common mistakes you made. You wonder if stuff like that is just ...
  5. Goodbye Nostalgia Critic for now

    Well folks it happened. The Nostalgia Critic has said his goodbyes, so...that's it. His weekly shows has ended with his last review. It's been a heck of a ride with that funny guy and I enjoyed it. He'll still be around if Doug feels like bringing him around, just not weekly. But even so I'm gonna miss that guy.

    I'm gonna play out his anthem too.

    And here's my thoughts on the matter

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