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  1. Keeping it going.

    Hi everyone,

    Given the fact that this has been some time since I blog in perhaps anywhere, I'm a little nervous again especially considering that I'm now out of college, and into an unknown beginning of my chapter of my adult life.

    College life was plenty fun. Going to football games, doing programming, software development, learning the ropes a little bit on the subject and then some. Ultimately I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. So that's something ...
  2. Spring Break (and how it abruptly got interrupted by my Midterm Exam)

    Have you guys ever a day in your life where you dealt with the one thing that you couldn't possibly have to inturrupt with your Spring Break, that you know well that you've earned up to a whole week or more. Well it happened to me. My computer science teacher gave us a midterm to do on Spring Break, of course, I was peeved off mostly throughout the weekend, because not only do this Midterm, but this will take away the full experience of my Spring Break. I made a plan to at least enjoy a few days ...