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  1. Fire Emblem RP update

    The exact setting for this RP is the continent of Tellius at the beginning of Path of Radiance with the nations of Crimea, Daein, Begnion, Gallia, Phoenicis, and Kilvas, having several starting locations dependent on your class, and possibly any backstory you wish to make for your character(if you need help with this PM me or ask about it in the comment section).

    So for anyone wanting to play this you'll need to state your class and any backstory you want to include or I can make ...
  2. Fire Emblem RP WIP(determining the setting)

    This won't be starting yet but I thought I should ascertain whether anyone is interested in playing a Fire Emblem RP and determining which Fire Emblem game to set this in.

    Do you have a preference between setting the RP in Jugdral(Fire Emblem 4&5) or Tellius(Fire Emblem 9&10)? Or would you prefer to set in a different game?

    Which games in the Fire Emblem series have you played?

    If you have any questions or comments please ask them.