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Hall of Dead Muses

  1. Storm Aftermath.

    Well, me and my dad are on better terms again. We're talking now. Though unfortunately, it took me getting the flu and being bedridden for it to happen.

    He came up with some weird reason about me not studying all of a sudden and told me that he's worried that I'm falling back into bad habits.

    Now there is a reason for that, mostly because I got failed out of my first college through a combination of depression from my Grandfather dying and my parents making me miss the ...
  2. Asian Logic, Why Does It Still Confuse Me?

    So I've had a weird week.

    Last Monday I ate something bad and had mild food poisoning for the next five days. Then I had signed up for a religious retreat over the weekend. It was a last minute thing, but as i had nothing else to do, my parents pushed me to go. So I did.

    I came back Monday evening bone weary. I had somehow been wrangled into joining the staff and doing gopher work as well as assisting one of the leaders watching a group of teenagers. So I had to join staff ...
  3. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back... Wait... or Was It Vice Versa?

    Well, I finally posted another part of Lyrical Days.

    And I don't like it. Now, I normally act like this. The whole, "Woah is me, my writing sucks" spiel and all, but this time I actually have a reason for it.

    The pacing is off.

    I had put some stupid limit on how long I wanted this part to go, but rather than just write naturally, I tried to constrain myself within those limits. There are parts of this chapter that I cut out entirely (parts that are ...
  4. Oh God Why?!

    by , April 28th, 2012 at 10:57 PM (Hall of Dead Muses)
    So I went to my first Anime Convention today. Just a single day pass at Acen.

    I'm not sure if I want to repeat the experience.

    One hand. Nice people, cool costumes, I got to see JYB and talk to Fred Gallapher. I bought some cool swag and now got a great deal on a practice sword I've been needing for weeks.

    On the other hand. I now can no longer feel my legs, I have spend so much money on pointless things, and some jerk pulled the fire alarm and got us all ...
  5. Gah, What Was I Doing?

    by , April 26th, 2012 at 10:54 PM (Hall of Dead Muses)
    So when you start writing you usually get better at it. It's probably a gradual process but there eventually is a point where you look back on what you used to write and cringe a little.

    I have reached that point with Lyrical Days.

    I mean, don't get me wrong. I love the story and well, the people that are following it are really supportive, but... I don't feel like it's a story that should be getting that much support.

    I guess the main problem I have with ...
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