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  1. Design the Extra Life T-Shirt, Win a Trip to E3!

    Want to go to E3 and support a good cause? Extra Life is kicking off its “Design our T for a trip to E3” contest for the 4th year in-a-row! The contest is simple - submit a design for the Official Extra Life 2016 Platinum T-shirt and if your design wins, you and your best bud get airfare, two nights at a nearby hotel and passes to E3 2016 as Extra ...
  2. Stugan (or building games in the woods)!

    Imagine yourself...

    ...spending two months in a (very large) cabin in the woods, hundreds of KM from any major human settlement, building the game of your dreams in the company of twenty other indie devs from around the world.

    (Food, Lodging, Fast Internet all provided!)

  3. Wil Wheaton on Anxiety and Depression

    So even Wesley Crusher suffers from anxiety issues...

    Updated February 22nd, 2016 at 07:27 PM by alfheimwanderer

  4. EduApp4Syria

    Can you assist in developing an engaging smartphone application that can help 2.8 million Syrian children (who are currently out of school due to conflict) learn to read and help them improve their psychosocial wellbeing?

    If so, perhaps you'd be interested in EduApp4Syria, an initiative fronted by Norway to develop such an app?

    I'm curious where it goes...

    Updated February 12th, 2016 at 12:18 PM by alfheimwanderer

  5. I don't know

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