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Mahjong, Loli, and Gaming (with a hint of yandere)

I talk about mahjong, delicious lolis, and how I manage to fail at gaming.

  1. Spring Is Here

    by , April 17th, 2012 at 03:25 PM (Mahjong, Loli, and Gaming (with a hint of yandere))
    And with it, more mahjong matches and such. S'been awhile since I've blogged, I'd say, mostly due to depression and lack of motivation.

    ...does anyone else feel like a goddamn hipster when they say 'I blogged'? Because I certainly do. ^_^;

    Anyway, mahjong stuff:

    That was a goddamn fun one. Twice I denied my opponent the chance to get a hand by calling tsumo. It was dangerous ...
    Tags: mahjong, manga