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  1. 2 - no, 3 Promos for WS? o__o

    For those who don't know me very much, I'm an avid(though casual) player of a TCG game called Weiss Schwarz. It's a game producd by Bushiroad which incorporates many various series into the game (eg, F/SN, F/HA, F/z, Persona (3, 4, 4 the animation), Melty Blood, etc), allowing you to play decks based on your favourites.
    The two sad things about it though, is that the game itself is 100% in Japanese, forcing you to either know Japanese, or refer to online, maybe printed translations; and that ...
  2. O__o

    So in the end I made a post in here.

    In the first place, what should I use this thing for?

    ... ... ... ...
    A-Anyway, seems like the new semester's gonna start soon for me.
    Studying Chinese and Japanese and no IT subjects seems like it's gonna be more relaxing than it should be, but...
    'It gonna be fine, I wonder?

    Playing Shiritori with my mum while exercising makes me realise how little I actually know. MFW, seriously.