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    Quote Originally Posted by Reaper of Remnant
    You forgot to add Ada Lovelace (Swimsuit).
    I quite often forget to add new sheets until many days, sometimes months, later.
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    You forgot to add Ada Lovelace (Swimsuit).
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    Thanks it has suceded now !
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    Click at the link in one of Royd's compilations and copy the URL. Write the name of the sheet, select it and click the button with an Earth globe and a little chain. In the box that will appear, paste the URL and that's it
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    Sorry can you tell me how you made the List i asking because i am strugtgling at making mine i know that i must copy and past the sheet number of the Profile but when i want to Change the Name of the link, the link later say "No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the Administrator"