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  1. Upcoming Servant Sheets

    Hey everyone. So, as opposed to making constant posts on the forum detailing the progress of the Servant sheets I am currently working on, I figured that I should make a blog post that I can use to do that. Aren't I innovative? So yeah, I'll update this post whenever I have something new regarding the progress of my sheets.

    If you have any suggestions for what I can do for any of these sheets, feel free to tell me.

    Watcher - Argo
    I think that Cursed mentioned an idea ...

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  2. Singularity / Lostbelt Database

    The following is a list of files on Singularities and Lostbelt handled by the Chaldea Security Organization. These files are accessible to authorized personnel only.

    1. 315 BC - War of the Two Conqueror Kings: Macedonia - "The True Meaning of Conquest" (Coming soon...)
    2. [???] BC - Kingdom of the Heretical Pharaoh: Egypt - "Black Hole Sun" (Coming soon...)
    3. 500 AD - Realm of the [???]: Camelot - "Puppet of the Evil Fae" ...

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  3. Servant Database v2.0

    The list of Servants that I have made in my time on this site. Green indicates the ones I take pride in because I think they're some of my best work. Red indicates the ones that make me become clinically depressed whenever I look at them.

    Saber - Masamune
    Saber - Uncle Sam
    Saber - Yamato Takeru (v2.0)
    Saber - Ou Yezi

    Archer - Al Capone (v2.0)

    Lancer - Georges Bizet
    Lancer - Pheidipiddes

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