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    tfw a cosplayer that can pull off a monmusu character
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    this is my place
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    Don't remember. I know I left the mahjong table with Michael to go to dealer's but I can't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday.

    Actually I'm certain it was Sunday because I was racing against time to buy that Nico daki cover.
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    Was that the mahjong day, or was that the next day.
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    Melty sets up in bathrooms now, moving up in the world.
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    Go back to your Melty closet
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    Right. At one point I stopped there and played a couple games of CF.

    Kusoge lol
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    Nachos and I spent almost the entire day glued to the CF booth, which is why we completely disappeared
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    headache ;-;
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart
    You are as cowardly as you are wise
    What is this unblockable mixup
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    Me and Mac bought a bunch of stuff to draw with and after walking around for a bit, sat down and drew for about an hour.
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    You are as cowardly as you are wise
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    I've actually dropped Hayamin.

    Because Orie combos are fucking whack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinach View Post
    Holy shit they got Hayami Saori I'll actually rewatch this.

    Man once you apply a cast of real voice actors to the series it actually looks good
    Quote Originally Posted by Spinach View Post
    You can say seiyuu names I'm enough of a turbo nerd to know who you're talking about.

    Anyway I only even came into this thread because on a whim I opened activity stream and saw a post with Hayami's name in it and I happen to have a thing for her voice. Otherwise I'd have never known!
    Quote Originally Posted by Spinach View Post
    Don't underestimate the powerlevel of a NEET. My house is like a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, I just sit in here raising it to infinity.
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    But I'm explicitly not a seiyuu otaku. I only care about Aoi Yuuki and Chiwa Saitou and the rest are completely expendable.
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    Sphere is a seiyuu group of Haruka Tomatsu, Aki Toyosaki, Mikako Kotobuki, and Ayahi Tagaki. Like, if you're a seiyuu weeb, its hard to top them, you poser.
  17. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    With the entire anthem taken care of we all sat down and the great trial began.


    I was resolved to go down the table and individually take money from every person one by one, and had actually begun securing money from my end of the table when I stood up and saw actual Money Man mAc Chaos just sitting at the center of the table counting stacks of cash which he had already begun collecting. One of the unsung heroes, that IRL admin, and you could see his moneypot handling skills from years of FGC at work as he slapped those wads of cash into the table. The entire payment ordeal was something I was dreading but with great strength mAc erased that fear and I just dropped off my end of the table’s money for him to add to the pot.
    I was worried about that too, normally it's a trainwreck just trying to get 8 to 10 people to pay, and it was like 30+ this time. Luckily nobody was too particular about exactly how much they paid.
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    Edited on request!
    Updated July 17th, 2016 at 08:33 PM by Cruor
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    Five: I'd write out a list of who is who but uhh, I actually don't know which one is Noodle/RK/Banquo/WM/Demonblooded/etc.
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    Hurley? Another trip off the island?
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