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  1. The BL LA trip part 3

    Saturday morning, or, Prelude to Anisong World Matsuri

    Having only hydrated during dinner yesterday and otherwise only having alcohol and a subway sandwich in my system from yesterday, on top of copious amounts of talking and walking around in the LA heat, my throat was destroyed and my voice hoarser than death herself. Good way to start the morning.

    I donít quite remember when we got up or went to the venue, but we did that at roughly 11am. I had bought Petri and I3usterís ...
  2. The BL LA trip part 2

    Friday, or, the Real AX Souls Starts Here

    Picking up where I left off, at approximately 6am I took a place in the LLLís couch beside Nico and joined the Love Live viewing for roughly two hours. Around 8am I got up and asked mAc if heíd give me a lift to our apt so I could shower and change, since I had kind of slept on a bathroom floor and felt a bit gross. mAc took pity on my soul and gave me a lift.

    I spent about 15 minutes taking a cold shower in the room, interestingly ...

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  3. The BL LA trip part 1

    SpinSpinís Bizarre Vacation: Drought Daredevil Derby

    Many are aware of the sizable BL meetup at Anime Expo in LA at the start of July. Many are also aware that a select portion of the initial gathering decided to stay an extra week after AX to be tourists and get shitfaced niipah together. Here will be laid out a modestly accurate recollection of those two weeks. Be advised, gaps in my memory may exist for reasons that will be explained in due time. Also be advised, some of the users ...