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  1. Japan (9-10)

    Our third day in Kyoto was very exciting but unfortunately there aren't many pictures until the end so only those with the patience to actually read words will enjoy this part. I hope you all read through and appreciate my suffering as I type this on my smartphone and have to press backspace every other word, except I actually hit the m key and my error just becomes like thosmmmmmmmmm

    For the picture book folk, just scroll down until you see pictures of food.

    I overslept ...
  2. Japan (7-8)

    Yesterday was our first day in Kyoto, continuing from where we left off on the bullet train in Nara.

    We stopped by a food street and ate some food.

    Sakura mochi and mame-daifuku.


    Not pictured: a lemon-and-tea-flavored donut.

    Don't you want to drug ...

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  3. Japan (5-6)

    Two days ago we went to the Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi. It was a nice rural 2-and-a-half-hours train ride that involved a lot of sitting and waiting because I miscalculated our departure time and we got there a half hour before the first train. I could have slept in...

    The park was pretty and had lots of nice flowers in it. Or so I heard, because I didn't go in. I was feeling disgruntled about the expensive train fare and my entire lower body ached for some reason so I sat outside ...
  4. Japan (4)

    Okay, let me just post these two images first.

    Anyways, today was another day of good coincidences.
    We went to Yokohama, which was shiny and sunny and breezy and the pinnacle of beautiful weather.
    But before that, we stopped at the Shinjuku station for this.


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  5. Japan (3)

    Okay, the last two days I was too tired to write about so I wrote them today. Today is day # 3 so it deserves its own post.

    The morning was dedicated to Shibuya. It's surprising how much time you can spend browsing stores.

    Don Quijote stocks all sorts of fun stuff, like...

    anthropomorphized curry,

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