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  1. it's mine to eat not yours!!

    Evolution MMORPG with captivating story and amazing graphics!

    Claw your way to the top, betraying your friends and crushing your foes! Devour everyone on your quest to become the supreme being, #1 on top of everybody else!

    Then get bored, find a promising apprentice, train him to take your place, and die happy.

    Return to life eons later to find your apprentice murdered before his time by some heathen!

    Spend ...
  2. Legion: Skin Deep and why storing information in DNA is awesome and feasible BUT NOT THAT WAY

    So I started reading Legion by Brandon Sanderson and all's fine and dandy until he reached I3, a company that will REVOLUTIONIZE information storage by transfecting human cells with bits of DNA to store information, using a virus.

    And I'm just like, NO NO NO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.

    For reference, the technology is totally feasible, DNA is just strings of 4 nucleotides, and as such, can totally be used to encode information. Rather like how we have 0 and 1 in transistors, ...

    Updated April 27th, 2015 at 11:34 PM by ratstsrub

  3. On Fixation

    Even today, after two decades of research, the mechanism behind the formation of so-called “metahumans” is unclear. There is no single mutation that causes the condition, and in many cases, multiple gene loci appear to be affected. What is clear, however, is that the nuclear radiation that leads to these mutations is a danger to all mankind. Even if only one in ten thousand exposed individuals develop superpowers, the selection pressure could well be enough to drive non-powered humans to extinction.
  4. I got a twitching in my eye

    Caffeine overdrive
    Living the night life
    Just staying alive


    God I'm tired
  5. Hearthstone Stories #02



    Enemy Paladin Questing Adventurer at 10/10.

    Topdecking like mad. What do I get?


    Even then, barely managed to prevent his hordes of 1/1 knights from touching my precious mage special spot.
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