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    Pretty fun, I played as "Havoc" for a while. Got to number 2 for a brief moment o7
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strife
    what is the point of splitting and ejecting mass
    You split to catch smaller cells running away from you
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    I got huuuuge like 3rd place and then got shot in half and eaten, qq
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    At one point you get really slow so you split.
  5. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    what is the point of splitting and ejecting mass
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    BrainSlug AGAR.IO BrainSlug
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    Its a fun game.
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    I saw two people in front of me playing it in class and I decided to play.
    It was pretty laggy on my phone. A lot better on computer.
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    RE: on adverse reaction to viral vector based delivery method. In any case, you can't do it by random insertion, since the risk is still too high. Basically, would you take a 1 in 5 chance of it hitting something functional? Realistic speaking, your chance of getting cancer from that hit isn't all that high, but if it's gonna be a standard method of treatment, targeted insertion would be a lot better. In fact, there's a recent paper that just came out on this subject:

    Where they used the CRISPR/Cas9 system (a bacterial DNA targeting and cutting system) on human embryos to replace a mutant Hemoglobin gene with a corrected copy (to treat Beta Thalassemia, I believe). The result was a mosaic embryo with some cells that had the correct replacement, some cells where the correct gene were inserted somewhere else, and some cells that just weren't affected at all. (BTW, the article is open access, so you can actually download it! Go ahead, facebook it for your friends to condemn men for playing gods )

    And this is the state of the art in terms of targeted gene replacement, so we're nowhere close to clinical applications.

    Anyways, on data corruption, it's not an issue of telomere lost, where the end bits are shaved away, but issue of just random base changes upon replication, that's the cause of data corruption over time. And we hates random.

    Now, ignoring all that, it would be totes neat to have a personal sequencer that would automatically a) isolate DNA from a given tissue sample, and b) sequence and give an accurate readout within an hour, that c) fits on a bench.

    Holy grail of sequencing technology right there. If you can make something like that, you'd be rolling in money. Everybody would want a piece of you. Personalized medicine, rapid diagnostic of bacterial infections, etc . . .
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    Actually, a lot of human DNA is basically junk data so something like this would be fine. DNA is also fairly resilient though bits are shaved away every time a cell divides (negligible data loss over all except over a period of decades). Still not realistic but it would be neat to be able to access a ton of data by using some sort of reader that pricks you for a little blood.
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    I knew I3uster was evil.
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    Nuclear radiation-induced superpowers and controlling the population that might develop them? Huh.
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    It was a boring book. I gave it some 90 odd pages before I quit.

    No recommendation from me.
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    Initially read this title as "oral fixation" so ended disappointed.

    Man there's a problem when your eyes add two whole letters.
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    What book.
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    stay healthy, starburst-senpai
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    I'm so proud of you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Geek
    I've heard something about reddit having a collective aneurysm over the last minute SSB reveals. Is that what this is about?
    Apparently some dev slept with a bunch of reviewers for favorable coverage or something along those lines.
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    sjws' l0l
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    We talked about it in the vidya news thread.
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