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  1. Vagrant's Avatar
    So ISTP seems to fit me well except that my laziness/depressive bouts kills the "creates things" bit. I love thinking about creating things, but I don't actually do it because effort.

    On the upside, all the negatives of ISTP seem to fit me too, so maybe I really am one!
  2. Spinach's Avatar
    I always told you it was meant to be.
  3. Vagrant's Avatar
    Are you insane? 2 people of the same personality type are usually awful together.
  4. Reiu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Spinach

    Wow Reiu we match
    i-is spincess my destined one after all
  5. Vagrant's Avatar
    ISTP, but sometime INTJ or ENTJ, depending on what exact answers I give. So who fucking knows?
  6. Kirby's Avatar
    I remember these things. I kept getting INTJ though IMO it didn't quite fit.
  7. Spinach's Avatar

    Wow Reiu we match
  8. Petrikow's Avatar
    id give u a solid D
  9. I3uster's Avatar
    these fuckers can never decide to give me I or E
  10. Petrikow's Avatar
    wheres the "dull, clueless and willfully ignorant, always petty in their frustrations, most of which are caused by their own faults" type

    thats me
  11. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    ayy lmao

    To a certain extent you can see yourself in all of them.
  12. Petrikow's Avatar
    looking through all of these they all seem to correspond to some positive qualities, none of which i have

    fuckin bullshit
  13. Reiu's Avatar
    I remember doing this in middle school. I got INTP then.

    Too lazy to bother finding out if it's changed or not.
  14. Petrikow's Avatar
    i dont know and im too lazy to find out
  15. ZidanReign's Avatar
  16. Leftovers's Avatar
    Oh right, clear contradiction: too lazy to create anything.
  17. Leftovers's Avatar

    Can't exactly disagree.
  18. mAc Chaos's Avatar

    I've always gotten INTJ on every test I took. Although depending on some of the answers with wiggle room I've gotten ENJT.
  19. Char's Avatar
    Mine didn't have a manual hah
  20. Apple's Avatar
    Based Leo
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