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  1. Mirai Fukuin

    Notable moments in the movie:


    Such death
    Hypothermia Shibe
    Much sad
    Very misery

    Touko playing Pokemon on a yellow Gameboy Color

    Lucky Duck

    Mother Mifune has a sick Gendo pose

    Mana's storybook about vampires

    Kokutou takes a fortune teller to Ahnernerbe

    Friends insisting that Ryogi is a Mary Sue

    Leo y u not there

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  2. Inexplicable desire to sleep in the afternoon

    Has anyone else every experienced this? I've been experiencing heavy drowsiness every day at a specific timing in the afternoon for several years now (borderlining six as of now), which worries me because sleep is scarce in enlistment (which is coming up fairly shortly), much less sleep in the afternoon. If you've ever gone through this, do you know how to wean yourself out of this? I've tried straight-up forcing myself to stay up, to no success; the drowsiness simply comes back the next day at ...
  3. Apple doesn't always fight eotans

    But when he does, he gets eaten horribly


    lowres photo i apologise
  4. Wifi and 3G

    I experimented with my phone today and discovered that turning off mobile data (and, seemingly, 3G as a result) when in a WiFi zone seemed to make my phone overheat less. (Loading speeds also seemed marginally faster)

    If such a thing were true then it could get horribly annoying turning off mobile data every time I enter a Wifi zone... still cheaper than a data plan I guess, and less annoying than having slow load speeds.

    I haven't repeated these experiments on it over ...
  5. It's only a matter of time before zombies start running around

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