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  1. Daejeon

    Does anyone know about anything interesting in this particular Korean city?

    Had a super articulate fire officer from there visit the museum just now and had literally no idea what to talk to him about

    Apparently he also spent a year and a half in texas, even more places I have no idea of
  2. 2016 Pokémon World Championships

    So according to my friends who visited Murrica for the pokemanz, there are:

    1. People who distribute mixtapes in the street and demand to be paid if you take one
    2. Hobos who steal phones under the pretense of borrowing, and chase you several blocks if you don't fork the phone over
    3. Girls with tits the size of watermelons

    Please confirm/deny the existence of these phenomena

    Updated September 1st, 2016 at 11:16 AM by Apple

  3. No Man's Sky

    I don't really understand what people expected from No Man's Sky.

    It's an open world game from an indie dev team of 15 people. Vanilla Skyrim gets old after a couple hours, and that was made by a team with access to far greater resources and developmental knowledge. It's obvious the studio was going to have to compensate for breadth with depth from the very beginning.

    Procedurally generated games have always faced the problem of having extremely repetitive tells once you ...
  4. RIP Wada Kouji

  5. All Dark Souls 3 Endings [Spoilers]

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