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  1. Fate/last call - Servant Compendium

    Fate/last call
    night, dawn, and the birth of stars

    The following is a compendium of the champions who have answered their summons. For those who bind them, see the compendium of their Masters.

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Size:  17.4 KB False Saber
    A fairylike, godlike forge incarnate, soaring on wings of swords.

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    Fate/last call
  2. Theory on Saint Graph Designation: Stranger

    The following is an excerpt from a paper published within Clock Tower's Department of Summoning, written on the topic of the potential existence of an undiscovered Extra Class.

    Theory concerning the qualification and manifestation of a Saint Graph Designation "Stranger", especially within the context of Ghost Liners

    Eulyphis Faculty, Department of Summoning

    Kana Tenou Metanovae


    This thesis is concerned with the underlying ...

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