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Welcome to the scattered heap that I have the gall to call a blog.

Most content here pertains to the original worldline of the Type-Moon fanfiction I write, which is formally titled Antimortal Animacentrism Advent (but will probably be mostly referred to as the Randomverse if it is referred to at all, because lesser men than I refuse the unparalleled strength of cringe chuunishit).

also sometimes other stuff maybe but don't count on it

  1. Exposition on the contents of the Metanovae Astrae

    Being a family originally derived from the ancient stargazers of Chaldea, the Jikan Magic Crest is attuned to the Foundation created and cultivated by their parent clan. The Metanovae Astrae is based on the model of the constellations, initially allowing it to tap into the Mystery of the stars, but this had to be adjusted over the years to instead derive from asterisms instead - hence the name. It is a hybrid of various astrological systems from around the world and across history. Rather than relying ...

    Updated March 16th, 2023 at 02:15 PM by Random

    Worldbuilding , Fate\last call