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Welcome to the scattered heap that I have the gall to call a blog.

Most content here pertains to the original worldline of the Type-Moon fanfiction I write, which is formally titled Antimortal Animacentrism Advent (but will probably be mostly referred to as the Randomverse if it is referred to at all, because lesser men than I refuse the unparalleled strength of cringe chuunishit).

also sometimes other stuff maybe but don't count on it

  1. Fate\last call - Noble Phantasm: Thorn Against Arms, Aescanbana

    The following entry contains spoilers for Fate\last call : night, dawn, and the birth of stars.

    It is recommended that the reader has completed Chapter 5.4 (Part 2) before continuing.
    Noble Phantasm

    Thorn Against Arms

    Anti-Unit Class
    Rank C

    Range: 1~20
    Max targets: 1 person

    A Noble Phantasm produced on commission by Völundr's abilities. Or, to put it another way, Keystine Meluastea Yggdmillennia pestered her Saber a whole lot until a unique and powerful sword was produced, according to the smith. The framing is somewhat unfair, as it credits Völundr entirely for the

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    Fate\last call
  2. Index of Confirmed Spirit Origin Data

    The following is an archive of confirmation pertaining to recorded Spirit Origins.
    It is not limited to purely spiritual beings, but any entity with sufficient spiritual standing for the formation of a Saint Graph.

    Note that only directly confirmed manifestations are catalogued in this index.
    For theoretical data, please refer to the appropriate companion document.



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  3. Fate\last call - dictionary of terms

    Fate\last call
    night, dawn, and the birth of stars

    The following is a table of contents for documentation of specific terminology relevant to the events and background of the Sixth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki City.

    Included with these entries is a chapter designation that indicates the point at which these terms become relevant. To avoid spoilers, refrain from opening entries for chapters that have yet to be read.

    Additional terms will be included

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    Worldbuilding , Fate\last call
  4. Fate\last call - Caster Saint Graph

    "Honestly, I think I prefer this over a normal Servant anyway."

    Basic InformationBasic Information

    Alias: Mock King Morholt Classes: Caster

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    Fate\last call
  5. Exposition on the contents of the Metanovae Astrae

    Being a family originally derived from the ancient stargazers of Chaldea, the Jikan Magic Crest is attuned to the Foundation created and cultivated by their parent clan. The Metanovae Astrae is based on the model of the constellations, initially allowing it to tap into the Mystery of the stars, but this had to be adjusted over the years to instead derive from asterisms instead - hence the name. It is a hybrid of various astrological systems from around the world and across history. Rather than relying ...

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    Worldbuilding , Fate\last call
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