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  1. So very punny....

  2. Finally! Ha ha, yes!

    Completed both Berserker Mordred and Faker Alexander of Abonoteichos Servant sheets I've been working on, the former on-and-off for most of that unmissed last year. Just gonna make sure those collapse tags actually work as intended (especially for the Faker) before I put them out -- it'll take a few weeks, though, given I'm doing this all via phone.

    In any case, I'm working out on my head two Servant sheets for two Jewish Servants -- hopefully I complete them before next month ends, ...

    Updated January 4th, 2022 at 11:22 PM by Tabris

  3. Betty White, dead at 99

    Really, old year? Really?
  4. My Laptop Broke

    Well the title pretty much says it.

    The screen started having a strange glitch effect (like the lame video filters) and now won't turn on. The only cause I can think of is the memory card, because when I pressed on the panel on the bottom the flickering changed intensity, but the screen remained frozen. I'm not much of an expert on the hardware side of things.

    Sucks because my gifts were mostly for pc. And I still haven't finished Fate.
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