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  1. Greek Mythology Background

    This is a rework of my attempt to explain some of the 'pre-olympian' myths of greek mythology in context of the Nasuverse. Specifically the story of the Titans and how they influenced the Olympians. Besides the Titans i add some of the other groups of gods.
    This version has more research in it than the previous one, which i created because it touched themes I used in my "Lancer" - "Trader" sheet. Because I moved away from few points there, I will delete the older one and ...
  2. Every Servant I've Made So Far

    Sorted by recency:
    Foreigner Li Bai
    Lancer Narcissus/Faker Echo for the Monthly Contest "Nonhumanoids"
    Foreigner Dante
    Berserker Maximilien Robespierre for the Monthly Contest "Terror"
    Caster Tokyo Rose
    Rider Peter the Great
    Assassin Harun al-Rashid
    Ruler Marcus Aurelius for the Monthly Contest "Extra Class"
    Ruler Justinian & Theodora the winning entry for the Monthly Contest "Pairs"
    Rider Lugalbanda ...
  3. Egyptian Mythology Background

    Here an attempt of creating a Egyptian Mythological Background. Created for two sheets of mine. Not exhaustive, afterlife is a bit glossed over. Several other aspects of the Mythology are explained as well for later use, for others as well. Including attempts to write stuff like others in the CaS scene

    Real Mythology Background Info:

    About the words: As you know, Hieroglyphs. Their written language had no vowel, those came later from the coptic language. ...
  4. I did it boys....

    I made it onto Meme Review. Never again will my actions carry such consequences. Never again will I serve as I served then. No duty will matter as much and no glory will taste as true. My life has peaked.
  5. Demon Hunters (Volume 5) Now Available!!

    Volume 5 of my Demon Hunters saga is now available @ I will be working on completing the final volume of this saga this week.
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