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  1. Chapter 1, Part 1

    It was early summer. Though I said that, London was actually pretty cool in the summer.

    After all, the highest temperature hardly ever went above twenty-five degrees (77F). The average temperature was only around fifteen degrees (59F), and at night, it was sometimes even necessary to take precautions against the cold. Watching tourists who had carelessly dressed for warm weather express their regret was one of my greatest joys.

    Though due to the rising global temperatures, ...
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  2. Prologue

    Quote Originally Posted by azwhoisverybored View Post

    This room was especially old for a room in Norwich (the Department of Modern Magecraft). There were many people seated in the fan-shaped room. Though there were only supposed to be about ten people in the El-Melloi classroom at a time, there was now about three times that amount of informal students gathered here.

    Though most mages despised science, there was still a central heating system installed here, and the classroom was comfortably
  3. Timely Attack on Chaldea Servant

    So. Morg's recent clarification has changed my sight. I'll add Mary Shelley to the list. Instead I'm going to do a Servantverse version of a servant I've yet to actually release. Here he is; Maurice Doreal SV

    "Blast it all! Where did the warp drive take me this time!?"

    Class: Rider
    True Name: Space Cowboy Doreal
    Origin: Servantverse
    Alignment: Neutral
    Likes: ...

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  4. Santaman (Christmas Servant)

    Actually, gonna work on Sandman (Santa). I have time to develop santa sandman and it gives me a lot of time to read about Elijah.

    "Ho... ho... ho... if it's christmas time... then it's time for... me to be here... servant Santaman at your service"

    Sources: caveman, Empew, Mikonow, Abigail Lyn Arts,
    Class: Caster
    True Name: ...
  5. Self-Teaching Japanese

    The Japanese-only release of Remake has got me thinking about learning Japanese again. I have already built up a range of online and offline resources to to help me with this.

    I have a few minor advantages going into this:
    - I have already taught myself hiragana to the extent that I can read anything written in it at a moderate pace, and have made good progress with katakana.
    - I am already familiar with some linguistic terminology and the IPA because of my conlanging hobby. ...
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