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    It's a coke-ism I'm afraid. The line you're referring to - I believe, since it's the only one I can find in Coke where he describes Shiki's jacket as black - is in Overlooking View. Coke writes:
    Quote Originally Posted by Overlooking View
    I took a black leather jacket with me when I left the house, and now I wear it atop my light blue kimono.
    The original line is:
    Quote Originally Posted by Fuukan Fuukei, 1/Ryougi Shiki
    Emphasis added. The jacket is clearly described as 'red' by Nasu. Coke just fucked it up.

    I don't know about Boogiepop. That seems more likely to be a different issue, where the colour is actually black but the artist depicts it as a dark shade of colour for stylistic regions. See, notoriously, Ciel's hair in Tsukihime.
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    Whoa, what was that weird security check screen I got when posting?
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    great read. i wonder why capricorn concentrates on enki when greek/rome uses a variant of Pan. With a few arguments, you couldve sold similar effects. All others, with exception of Aquarius, concentrate on the classic history, so it sticked out.
    The intro reminds me of your waifu girl and her gemstone foundation.
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    Since we astronomers are priests of the highest God in regards to the book of nature, it befits us to be thoughtful, not of the glory of our minds, but rather, above all else, the glory of God.

    Well then, Master, allow me to show you the music of the spheres.
    Of Astronomical Laws
    Johannes Kepler

    Class: MoonCancer
    Other Classes: -
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Origin: Germany, Historical Facts and Rumours
    Height/Weight: 192cm/79kg
    Attribute: Star
    Strength: D
    Endurance: B
    Agility: A+
    Mana: A++
    Luck: B+
    NP: EX
    ~◂Extra Info▸~
    Likes: Astronomy, geometry, God
    Dislikes: Illness, political troubles, religious conflicts
    Natural Enemy: Tycho Brahe, Aristotle
    Catalyst: A sheet from the Epitome Astronomiae Copernicanae


    Class Skills

    Territory Creation A

    MoonCancer can create both a workshop and an “Observatory”, which is superior to a basic workshop. It allows MoonCancer to also have more accurate astromancy Magecraft as well.

    Magic Resistance C

    A Skill common to many Classes. Although MoonCancer was alive after the Age of the Gods, his rank in this Skill was augmented by the Moon Cell after he observed it in his lifetime. Cancels spells with a chant below two verses.
    ~◂Personal Skills▸~Magecraft(Astromancy) A

    A Skill representing the capability of using Magecraft, in this case, Astromancy. MoonCancer mainly uses the heliocentric model, believing that the geocentric model is “utter nonsense.” He specialises in orbit-based spells, the application of music to Astromancy and the connection between souls and planets. MoonCancer’s effectiveness also increases while using a tuning fork to synchronise harmonies with specific planets and their orbits. His most common use is connecting his soul with one of the seven planets, and then creating a pseudo-celestial body in his hand as a projectile. Connecting to Mercury specifically increases the projectile’s speed, and MoonCancer’s agility drastically. MoonCancer likes to call this skill, and his personal brand of Astromancy “Harmonice Mundi” after one of his literary works.

    Mystic Eyes of Celestial Calculation EX

    The pinnacle of MoonCancer’s Magecraft, merged with his tutor’s Magecraft. This combination awakened MoonCancer’s personal magecraft with a designation of Mystic Eyes of Celestial Calculation. It allows MoonCancer to visualise astrophysical equations, and manipulate them on objects, specifically projectiles. This Magecraft is what allowed MoonCancer to develop his three laws of planetary motion. Furthermore, MoonCancer uses his Mystic Eyes often in combination with his Magecraft to decrease the “orbit period" and therefore, increase the “acceleration” of the projectiles he uses as weapons. This skill has also been significantly enhanced after MoonCancer accidentally observed the Moon Cell. MoonCancer’s most powerful technique, Musica Universalisis a result of combining this Skill and the concepts of all seven planets, therefore attaining the “music of the spheres.”

    Mysterium Cosmographicum B+

    The “Cosmographic Mystery.” MoonCancer’s first major astronomical work, which details God’s supposed geometric plan of the universe, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. As a Skill, this includes the Mystery-Slayer Skill and the Protection of Faith Skill at one rank lower, plus a conceptual advantage against Divine Spirits associated with the stars and space as a whole. Furthermore, while this Skill is active, MoonCancer’s magic resistance increases if he is facing an Astromancy-using enemy or an enemy who originates from the Moon Cell.

    MoonCancer’s True Name is Johannes Kepler, a German 17th century astronomer, mathematician, astrologer, natural philosopher and writer on music. One of the main figures of the Scientific, and creator of Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion. Yet, there is more to Kepler than just that. So much more. Kepler was not only all of those, but a magus as well, to be specific, a disciple of the magus Tycho Brahe. Tycho Brahe himself, being the last astronomer to observe the sky with the naked eye, had an Origin of 「Observing」, and thus he utilised magecraft focusing on the concept of “turning one’s eyes into observation mechanisms”, or as known in the modern day, “Telescopes.” He also had a similar type of magecraft to Kepler, but it focused on his personal magecraft foundation, the Tychonic system, instead. Therefore, when Tycho Brahe died, Kepler removed part of his Magic Crest, and transplanted it into himself, eventually awakening his Mystic Eyes. The whole entire reason why Kepler’s Mystic Eyes were awakened was the sheer compatibility between his Magecraft and Brahe’s. The only reason why Kepler could not perfectly use Brahe’s Magecraft is because of their disagreement on whether the Tychonic system or the heliocentric system was correct. But, the greatest event of his life is not even detailed in history books: his accidental observation of the Moon Cell. This event happened during the supernova of 1604. During this time, Kepler used a prototype of Musica Universalis combined with his Mystic Eyes and used it on the supernova. There, he saw something that could only be considered as “alien” and a “technological masterpiece”, not unlike looking upon the face of God: The Moon Cell. But Kepler went further than just seeing the Moon Cell, he observed it. And by observing the Moon Cell, for a singular moment, the light emitted from the photonic crystals hit his eyes. The light caused a fraction of data to synchronise with Kepler’s Mystic Eyes, which then got absorbed into him. There was only one truth Kepler learnt, though it was incredibly important: His laws of planetary motion were accurate. Although Kepler died in the year 1630, his soul was acknowledged by the Throne of Heroes, and he became a MoonCancer, specifically “one who threatens the Mystics of the planets and the stars.”

    Noble Phantasm(s)
    "Now is the conjunction of the seven planets; the music of the spheres. My three laws are absolute. God is on my side───Epitome Astronomiae Keplerianae!"

    Epitome Astronomiae Keplerianae
    Astronomical Laws of Planetary Motion


    Johannes Kepler’s most well known achievement: his discovery of his three laws of planetary motion, and their associated equations. A Noble Phantasm which has been further evolved with the addition of Kepler’s magecraft and his knowledge gained from the Moon Cell. As a Noble Phantasm, it allows him, for a short period of time, to cause a conjunction of all seven planets, and use his laws to their fullest. On release of this Noble Phantasm’s True Name, the sky turns starry, and seven glowing orbs appear rotating around MoonCancer, before lining up into a straight line and merging into MoonCancer. As long as Epitome Astronomiae Keplerianae is active, MoonCancer has conceptually been designated as the “Sun”. Therefore, since Kepler’s second law states that “{t}he orbit of a planet is an ellipse with the Sun at one of the two foci”, everything around Kepler can rotate in an elliptical orbit, including a seven metre spherical range from where MoonCancer is standing. Inside the range, MoonCancer can either quicken or slow down the area’s “orbital period”, either making the area rotate extremely fast to the point where time passes by 0.5x faster, or doing the opposite and making everything in the area move 0.5x slower. Furthermore, since MoonCancer has become the “Sun”, he may summon one metal sphere at a time, each representing one of the other six planets with their own abilities. Though, like all Noble Phantasms, this one has its downsides, in this case, being four of them: 1. Only those in Kepler’s 7 metre range are affected. 2. The Noble Phantasm only lasts for five minutes, maximum. And, 3. If MoonCancer is damaged in the Heart, where the “Sun” is located, his Noble Phantasm automatically is cancelled and is no longer usable. Finally, if MoonCancer uses this skill too often, the Counter Force recognizes that his skills defy the laws of physics in place, instantly destroying both MoonCancer’s Spirit Origin and Spiritual Core.

    ~Abilities of the Six Planets~Mercury, when summoned, does little to no damage as a projectile but rather attacks rapidly with barely any cooldown. Venus is a debuff projectile which has a percentage of charming Male enemies, Earth allows for minor geokinesis and for healing capabilities, and Mars, while a slower projectile, does heavier damage. Jupiter is a one-time use which causes lightning bolts, and other weather phenomena to be used, and Saturn is a defensive ability which causes rings of dust to rotate around MoonCancer as a shield. Uranus and Neptune are used for short-term flight and healing magecraft, by summoning healing water, respectively. Finally, Pluto, while small, slow and not very strong, always aims for the vital organs since its connection to the Greco-Roman God of the Dead of the same name.

    ~Quotes and Relationships~

    ”Servant MoonCancer, Johannes Kepler. I hope that I may show you the music of the spheres.”

    ”What do you mean, ‘hippity hoppity, your planet is now my property’? That is not going to be what you call my Noble Phantasm…”
    *Indeed, the Master did end up saying “MoonCancer, use hippity hoppity, your planet is now my property!” every time they wanted MoonCancer to release his Noble Phantasm.*

    MoonCancer- Johannes Hewelius and Gustav Holst:
    ”Another MoonCancer… who is also two astronomers? I am saddened that I did not know either of you during my lifetime. May we be friends, or work together?”

    Tycho Brahe:
    ”Ah, it is you, my tutor. I am sorry that you and I didn’t get along the best… I will, however, say that your golden nose is still quite hilarious. Hm? Why are you so angry at me?”

    Saver- Ludwig van Beethoven:
    ”Truly, you are playing the music of the spheres! One worthy of being called the Saviour of Europe’s Will!”

    Albrecht von Wallenstein:
    ”Ah, Sir Generalissimo. I see that you are still obsessed with horoscopes. I see that my prediction was correct.

    ~Craft Essence~Craft Essence

    The stars are God’s greatest artwork

    ” ‘I used to measure the skies, now I measure the shadows of Earth.
    Although my mind was sky-bound, the shadow of my body lies here…’ Those are the words I wrote for myself before I died. Even as I drew my last breaths, my eyes stared always upwards at the skies. If I could stay alive until the stars came out, then I would’ve had no regrets . Still… my life was amazing. Oh Heavenly Father, surely the stars are your greatest masterpieces….”
    Author’s Notes version 2
    This is the second, more fleshed out(hopefully) version of my entry. I guess you could almost call this a “redux”. Anyways, this is definitely a better version in my opinion.
    Updated October 2nd, 2022 at 12:21 AM by MuramasaMachII (testing out stuff for an entry)