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  1. [FGO JP Main Chapter] Lostbelt 7: Nahui Mictlan ~ The One Who Rules the Planet

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirishima View Post
    I just checked and indeed when you get to the purple bar and go back to the map, the sound effect is the exact same as before Shiki does the last hit of his Arc Drive., or first hit of his Last Arc. Actually clapping IRL right now.

    Added the videos, first one at 42:20 if this thing doesn't work.

  2. BnEl15's Sheet Formatting Templates

    Reposted here from Word for ease of copy-pasting, cuz' taking one template to word and taking them back here again whenever I want to start working on a sheet tends to seriously mess with the format, especially now that I have a more COLLAPSE-heavy format, which I'm sure will be an even bigger pain to set up unless I store it somewhere. Feel free if anyone wants to take these templates for themselves, though!

    Ver. 1.0.
    My standard template, and the one I used the longest. Taken from the first

    Updated February 4th, 2023 at 12:41 PM by BnEl15

  3. Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lily Emilio View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Castellan View Post
    I'm reminded of some of the constructivist literature I've read in my psych classes, but that's more generally applicable to stories and the sort of...imagined possibility space of them in general and so it just tends to go really well with stories that are metatextual.

    Might need to break out the textbooks again.
    It does seem that way but a lot more literal when both Nasu and Honkai use, as in treating worlds as "stories".

    In Honkai they refer to the human
  4. Fate/strange fake (Free-Range Spoilers)

    Quote Originally Posted by OtherSideofSky View Post
    OK, here's the afterword. The translation is now caught up to the Japanese release. (Book 6 clocks in at 71,052 words, about 20k more than book 5.)
    I'll give people a couple more to catch typos or errors before I turn this one into an EPUB. Thanks again to everyone who's pointed them out already.

    Also, is Narita's Jojo reference in this afterword even remotely recognizable in English? Should I add a footnote or something to explain it?

    FSF 6, afterword

  5. Gacha gacha CUTE figyu atto!!

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