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  1. Hearthstone Stories #01

    Top decking Elven Archer against a 1 HP Druid who has two taunts on field while at 7 HP.

    So delicious.
  2. Well that wasn't weird at all (aka Best of Anime day 2, and I somehow forgot ro narrate day 1 but fuck that since I was with my creepy friend yesterday)

    by , September 21st, 2014 at 07:51 AM (An insight in the life, mind and bullcrap of Gater)

    I went to best of anime today cosplaying as the Lone Wanderer(play fallout 3). Figuring that nobody would really pay me any attention, which is really nothing of importance since I just want to cosplay.

    So I was walking, just browsing stuff when I heard this guy behind me shout "Oh my GOD,IT'S THE LONE WANDERER!!" I turned around and saw this guy prostrate himself before me, still shouting "IT'S THE LONE WANDERER!"

    I would have ...

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    The Bite of the Gater
  3. Ogre-like Translations: Saber ・ Seibah

    by , September 18th, 2014 at 03:27 PM (You Like?)
    King of Knights
    Also why so little views on that Fragments post? Do people just not care about Fragments?

    : A++
    「聖剣」というカテゴリにおける頂点。所有者の魔力を光に変換し、収束・加速させ運動量を極限まで増大して 放たれる究極の一閃は、神霊クラスにも手が届くと言われる。所有者の魔力を変換する増幅器であるため、黒化 したセイバーが振るっていた時はこの聖剣もまた黒く変色していた。
    Promised Sword of Victory
    : A++
    The pinnacle of the "Holy Sword" category. Owner's magical energy is converted to light, increasing it's momentum via convergence and acceleration ...

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  4. I always wanted one of these...

    So I went ahead and got me one of these.

    I am a man defined by my second hand purchases.

    Shipping sure was expensive since it came with a heavy ass book.
  5. Congratulations, BridgeBurner!