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  1. Rider Rostam Additional Information

    Equipment 1

    Starts only with his standard armor, his horse, and his arrows, anything else he must gain due to his noble phantasmís effects.

    Rakhsh Source Image Source Author

  2. system/

    System log initiate.
    Hello, [[USER NAME HERE]]! Welcome to [COMPENDIUM_SECT ALPHA SET.OBJ], A System for the Compilation of the Servants logged into [CHALDEAS 9301.8759.6582.9946.7291.8786.4728.7487.6274]
    Welcome to Hell.

    Servant Class_log: Saber
    Moirai - Ophelia Phamrsolon

    Servant Class_log: Archer

    Servant Class_log: Lancer
    Fundamental Interactions - The Lance of the Future Tower


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  3. I drank some strong coffee....

    I can feel it. The vibrations. The floodgates are now open. The endless poo.
  4. Rider The Flying Dutchman Additional Information

    Identity details
    Heís more of a culmination culmination of varying figures, and legends around the flying dutchman, and itís captain who amalgamated to form this entity (Bernard Fokke, Davy Jones, Blackbeard are three spirits who contributed to his existence). Unlike Bernard Fokke who is proper hero spirit, the Flying Dutchman is similar to Jack the Ripper a phantom based on Bernard Fokke and several others legends (as such he could be Called Bernard Fokke (alter), however much like jack the ripper as he is phantom

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  5. Assassin Locusta Additional Information

    Dev Notes

    I will admit that after Hassan this was a refreshing experience to write, and I had a lot of fun with it. I first had the idea on the direction to take her based on reading her character and that resonating with the information (that I canít recall where exactly I came across it, but I do remember it) that Semiramis from typemoon being a poisoner is possibly based more on Semiramis (a tragedy) by Voltarie rather than historical fact. I can confirm that most of what I read didnít mention sorcery