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  1. [FGO JP Event] Grail Front: White-sky Castle, Black-night Castle

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    I'm sorry but my small brain don't understand what do you mean by that lel
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    The oldest source online for the anti-wish power of the Ephemeral Fruits is this 03/03/2005 post from an anonymous hobby blog that tries to work as an easy resource for fantastic fiction writer. The Typhon post itself doesn't have sources but there is a list of sources for the blog as a whole. A lot of gaps in the list but the part that wasn't lost to time includes Takerube's Truth In Fantasy series, so precedent

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  2. The Throne of Salt & The Pillar Library

    The Throne

    S A B E R
    - Fiore dei Liberi
    - Perceforest

    A R C H E R
    - Temujin Lily

    L A N C E R
    - Herla Cynin

    R I D E R
    - Kay Kavus/Shukra

    C A S T E R
    - Ihy

    A S S A S S I N

    B E R S E R K E R

    R U L E R
    - Miriam the Prophetess

    A V E N G E R

    M O O N C A N C E R

    F O R E I G N E R

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  3. Any millenials left?

    Or are y'all a buncha zoomers now?