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  1. Galileo Galilei (Archer) drawing

    by , November 15th, 2023 at 01:18 AM (Horizon of Strange Stars: Cosmic Dump)

    So I found myself with some time to draw a Servant for Horizon Gate 4 yesterday and decided to draw Galileo Galilei (Archer). With that, I have the mojo to start drawing the other Servants of the Oracle Kingdom. Horizon Gate have some Servants I'm really excited to draw. I couldn't figure out a hairstyle that fit the image of Galileo I had in mind so I spent some time looking at drawings of astromancers and old wizards on pinterest to get ...
  2. A Section of the Throne, Hidden Away

    Witness my works, ye mighty:
    A throne in a corner lies here,
    Hidden in the corner of your psyche





    Richard Wagner


    Richard Wagner(Summer)


    Extra Classes:

    Louis XVI (Avenger)

    Maximilien de Robespierre (Lostbelt)(Ruler)

    Johannes Kepler (MoonCancer)

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  3. The Dreamers' Waiting Room

    by , November 3rd, 2023 at 12:40 PM (Garden of the God of Failed Work)
    You step into a starry plain after bidding farewell to Tom and friends (read: Noble Phantasm), sweeping through a flowing nothingness.
    "Good day." A man with a bowl cut, glasses, and a lab coat beckons you to sit down.

    "Who're you?" You call out. The man seeks to answer, but eventually decides to leave it to the depths of your imagination.
    You realise you're not alone. Spirits seem to appear from the walls (walls?), the skies ebb and flow.
    The spirits

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  4. The Scarcophaguses' Forges

    by , November 3rd, 2023 at 12:09 PM (Garden of the God of Failed Work)
    A large white beam greets you at the entrance to the Gardens as you feel intrigued. You place your hand on it, and the grassy mellows rises swiftly: You have quickly reached the top of the beam.
    "Eh, why didn't Beast's Lair save my damn post?! A weird man with an eggshell head slams his hand on his table. You know his next sheet is going to be either: a) Lackluster, b)Rushed, or c)The Newest SCP in the Hood. You decide to adventure through the meadows until you've spotted some fires

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  5. [FGO JP Event] Grail Front: White-sky Castle, Black-night Castle

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonCell View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by OnesFleetingGlory View Post
    After browsing around, Surtr is depicted with "bright sword" in Poetic Edda, but some illustrations about him have "flaming sword" as the title. It has no name, and Laevateinn is actually attributed to Loki, and Laegjarn is the chest that contains it. Maybe why the technique's full name is Loptr Laegjarn, with Loptr being Loki's alternate name.

    Which brings up the question why Surtr's sword is called Laevateinn.
    The first mention of Laevateinn being
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