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  1. Saber Lityerses Additional Information

    Dev Notes

    The design of Saber was partially taken from Percy Jackson where that was the reason I gave him swordsmanship. However, in lore, I think it makes a bit of sense IRL ancient Greece wasn’t always great and a fair few people
  2. Saber Tachibana Ginchiyo / Tachibana Muneshige Additional Information

    Nature and Lineage

    The exact origin of the power held by Saber and by proxy the Tachibana is of debate, but it may have something to do with their ancestry. When Jimmu, whose bloodline descended from the mighty Goddess Amaterasu, seized power and created Japan, he placed in charge two priest clans who would assist in matters of administration and running the country, the Nakatomi and the Inabe. The Nakatomi themselves would also oversee the Ōharai purification rite. In this respect, this act is

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  3. Rider Rostam Additional Information

    Equipment 1

    Starts only with his standard armor, his horse, and his arrows, anything else he must gain due to his noble phantasm’s effects.

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  4. system/

    System log initiate.
    Hello, [[USER NAME HERE]]! Welcome to [COMPENDIUM_SECT ALPHA SET.OBJ], A System for the Compilation of the Servants logged into [CHALDEAS 9301.8759.6582.9946.7291.8786.4728.7487.6274]
    Welcome to Hell.

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    Fundamental Interactions - The Lance of the Future Tower


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  5. I drank some strong coffee....

    I can feel it. The vibrations. The floodgates are now open. The endless poo.