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  1. Skull's Super Special Awesome Servant Index

    Witness my handy dandy Compendium for the Servants Sheets I have created in the past.

    (This is still a Work in Progress in compilation obviously so don't @ me that I've missed out so-and-so.)

    Artúr mac Áedán
    Brân Fendigaidd
    Cnut Sweynsson
    Flavius Claudius Constantinus
    Henry Plantagenet
    John Lambton
    Lucius Tiberius

    Líng Zhèn
    Robert Deyville (Robin Hood)

    Cerdic ...

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  2. Moonlight World Materials: The Cincinnati 771

    This post and all other Moonlight World Materials only applies to the works I have made or posted which are automatically assumed to be AU from Nasu's main world.


    Cincinnati 711

    The 14th colony; The shadow of the USA; The American Association; The American Magus Group; The Castoff of the Clock Tower; Europe’s Shed skin; The Invaders of Turtle Island


    The roots of the Cincinnati 711 date back to the exodus of magi and magi

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    Moonlight World materials
  3. Rider of Contracts primary edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Areop-Enap View Post
    link to bigger version of picture and inspiration

    the center person is the face clam
    Sex male potently hermaphrodite
    alignment lawful evil
    Attribute Earth
    voice actor Kunito Watanabe
    due to being summoned under the rider class, his written works have a higher effect
  4. Spirit Origin List

    [ SABERS ]

    [ ARCHERS ]

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  5. Beast The Wendigo Curse Additional Information

    Dev Notes

    So while entirely out of nowhere (I have been wanting to do more servants from different parts of the world, I found a bunch of cool wendigo art a while back after being inspired by Delrey’s work with Sir John Franklin and Sir James Clark Ross & Lady Jane Franklin as sheets {as well as a sheet a while back on Wendigo which came up with the idea of it being a concept of breaking taboos, while I can’t remember it’s maker I can say it was an influence on my work}, I was partly inspired by