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  1. RIP Wada Kouji

  2. I Have Returned!

    Wow. I hadn't even realized how long I've been away from BL, but I guess here I am once again. I stopped coming here as often after Grand Order came out because all of the forum discussion suddenly became about that and I wasn't particularly interested in it, and my attention was more fixed on getting ready for the release of Fire Emblem Fates.

    I've also had a lot of real life stuff going on preventing me from coming here, but now I've gotten to a point where I have a lot more free ...
  3. Here comes April Fools

    Well, it's that time of the year. Wonder what Type Moon shenanigans we'll have this year.
  4. How hard is work? Work is this hard.

    That'll be our union boss in that picture there (he's really an awesome guy - I love to flip him out by wearing shorts to work when it's about 60 degrees), and it also explains some of the crap I have to put up with every day.

    And yes, I've got a bus of the "special" kids for one of my first schools in the afternoon. They'll mouth off ...
  5. 2016 Fanfiction Contest Thoughts - Reflections of the Moon

    Written 9PM 03/15/2016

    Before forgetting, I wanted to write some notes about this story, so I can post these when the judging is finally done. Because judging usually takes a long time.

    First, I would like to thank all the judges for reading and then giving their honest opinion of this work, and secondly I would like to thank my two betas Glow and Nuclear once more. The work is a lot better because of you two.

    Moon’s Corral has been a work in progress since ...

    Updated March 29th, 2016 at 11:38 PM by You