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  1. Transmission #2: Babby's Second Public Smoking

    by , February 10th, 2012 at 03:51 PM (Top Secret Files of a Mental Fugitive, Exposed)

    I woke up earlier than usual this morning before going to work, so I opted to play some game of Generals Zero Hour before leaving. Needless to say, I ended up constantly restarting the game because I easily get rushed by those damn Crusader Tanks, even if I filled every building and bunker with Tank Hunters, created shitloads of Gatling Cannons and covered every possible entry. I don't really have fast reflexes, so I ended up straining myself and having unnecessary pressure ...
  2. The Wild Mind of a Fanfic Writer: Like Glass.

    by , February 10th, 2012 at 03:14 PM (Beam's Blog of Writing and Other Things.)
    Debated what my first fanfic blog post should be about, then I remembered this lovely little piece and decided to discuss it, controversy it caused be damned. I do like it quite a lot, and the reaction to it overall was positive, so here's a quick look at what went into the short piece "Like Glass".

    I suppose before I discuss "Like Glass" itself, I should discuss what inspired it; namely, my dislike of HF True and how I felt it was lacking in several aspects. Now, ...
  3. Of Servants, Masters and writing

    After a week in the academy, where I practically did nothing, it feels somewhat refreshing to be back home. This also means I have more time to write, although some of it goes to my replay of Persona 3 FES and first playhrough of Dragon Age 2. However, I still should be able to finish the next update Somnium Summer Redux, although the woman-in-white is trying to drown it in "words-words-words-words"...

    One thing I've noticed when writing Somnium Summer Redux is that switching ...
  4. The many ideas and thoughts of a fellow magus

    by , February 10th, 2012 at 10:24 AM (The Random Ideas and Thoughts of a Fellow Magus)
    Alright I figured I'd try my hand at this blogging thing though I've prolly never done anything like this before. And what better use for it then to complain about problems and use it to store the many ideas that go through my head.

    Let's see what to talk about... Oh I know how about imageshack. Stupid imageshack they have put a limit on the amount of pictures you can store and because of this I have to get rid of over 1200 pictures on one of my accounts and I don't even want to ...
  5. Winning at Failing

    by , February 10th, 2012 at 09:23 AM (Mahjong, Loli, and Gaming (with a hint of yandere))
    So, mahjong stuffs for today:

    Gamedesign again.

    Started off rather horribly, with a ron from right. Got an Iipatsu tsumo not long after, followed by a long string of me losing points to either tsumos or rons from the AI. Managed a decent ron (Iipatsu, Yakuhai, Dora) towards the tail end of the game, but in the end Right pulled a tsumo out of its ass and won.


    Long story short- I still suck. Must grind moar.

    On the ...
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