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  1. The Fic List

    Here is where I'm dumping any fics I write. I have an author tag but this frankly looks nicer.

    Possible Future Projects

    Some contribution to the Jeanne Boom (Postponed Indefinitely)

    A 3-6 chapter fic revolving around the relationship between Ferdiad and Cu Chulainn (Will write after QoF ends)

    Ongoing Works

    Quest of Fate. Original Characters. Fate/Apocrypha - A 'choose your own adventure' where the readers guide the actions of Seigi ...

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  2. It's Friday

  3. [Create-a-Servant] My Masterpost


    Saber class: (4)
    Yamato Takeru no Mikoto
    Constantine I the Great
    (Roman History)
    Hernán Cortés (Spanish History)
    Francisco Pizarro (Spanish History)

    Lancer class: (1)
    Adolf Hitler (German History)

    Rider class: (8)
    Napoléon Bonaparte
    (French History)
    Juan Ponce de León (Spanish History)
    Frederick II the Great (Prussian History)
    Erwin ''Erwina'' Rommel (German History)
    Saint Romanus of Rouen ...

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  4. Never forget

    It's always Monday somewhere in the world.
  5. The Scarred Stars Cancelled. AGAIN!!

    Once again, the final installment of the LunarFate saga has been cancelled. I decided to step away from writing so I can focus on playing fighting games and participate in tournaments so I can earn actual money - rather than recreational money. Being a writer is really taxing on the autistic mind; people make money becoming writers - it just wasn't made for me to begin with.