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    Yoshitsune (Avenger)
    Taira no Kagekiyo

    An enigmatic character that appears in the Heike Monogatari.
    In the Battle of Yashima, he came to be known as "Akushichi Byoue(1) Kagekiyo from Kazusa" by the army of both sides, but his personal history remains unclear.
    Although he claimed to come "from Kazusa" in the Heike Monogatari, his specific origins differ among the various sources.

    "Akushichi Byoue Kagekiyo from Kazusa" would soon be called "Taira no Kagekiyo", the avenger of the Heike...
    Eventually reaching a point that he became known as a onryou-like existence, always plotting revenge against the Genji.

    Something that kills the Genji.
    A Genji slaughtering device.
    Its mentality is already like that of a machine that acts automatically, better described as an onryou of revenge.

    In regard to the joys and pains as an individual, it does not demonstrate an attitude of someone who experiences them.
    Whether that is because it already abandoned them, or simply became "difficult to feel them"---

    A being that, for some reason, has condensed both the military exploits accomplished by the samurai of the Heike and the deep-seated grudge of fleeing soldiers towards the Genji into the individual called "Taira no Kagekiyo".
    In fact, Yorimoto suffered 37 attacks from Kagekiyo and failed to capture him at every time.
    Whoever it may be, anyone who holds desire for vengeance against the Genji will eventually turn into Kagekiyo and bare their fangs at the Genji.

    Regardless if they are truly Kagekiyo.
    Regardless if they are truly from the Heike.
    It no longer matters if they are the person himself.
    Those who resent the Genji are absorbed into "Taira no Kagekiyo".
    The real Kagekiyo may have actually fled to the Chuugoku region and even spent his remaining years in relative happiness. But unrelated to that, "Taira no Kagekiyo" takes revenge on the Genji while bearing a deep-seated grudge.

    The Kagekiyo legends are numerous, and historical landmarks that are (allegedly) related to Kagekiyo exist all over the country. Just like, when speaking of the Genji, you similarly find historical landmarks that are (allegedly) related to Yoshitsune.
    In this manifestation, Kagekiyo has evidently became one with Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

    In other words...
    "The warrior called Minamoto no Yoshitsune is actually Taira no Kagekiyo".

    Was Yoshitsune absorbed as one of Kagekiyo's component materials due to "possessing deep-seated grudge towards the Genji"? Or maybe, Yoshitsune's enormous hatred became the core for Kagekiyo as an Avenger...?

    For a time, Yoshitsune was the step-son of Taira no Kiyomori. One might probably say that the means by how Yoshitsune (who harbored a deep-seated grudge) became one with the onryou of the Heike had already been arranged since her previous life.

    Height/Weight: 172cm・57kg
    Source: Heike Monogatari, Gikeiki, Kagekiyo legends
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: -
    It employs a blade called "Azamaru" as its regular weapon. Although there should be only one, for some reason it holds two of them.

    Die, Genji: A++
    Taira no Kagekiyo, kills, the Genji.

    Kagekiyo Never Dies: EX
    Taira no Kagekiyo will never die. It appears many times over, clearly showing that it can issue 37 challenges.
    It is even depicted as immortal in the kabuki-play "Kamahige".
    Due to possessing this skill at EX Rank, other than a Guts-effect, Kagekiyo is also endowed with resistance to intant-kills.

    Mist of Azamaru: B
    Becoming clad in mist in order to mislead enemy blades.
    A sorcery of mists that employs Kagekiyo's sword "Azamaru" (which is currently in the Atsuta Shrine).


    Shogyou Mujou・Jousha Hissui
    Rank: B+
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    An attack of malediction, unleashed by imbuing the deep-seated grudge of the Heike in the sword.

    Nothing in this world is omnipresent, immutable. Thus, an immortal warrior or a perpetual nation are also impossible--- Such natural order shaves off the target's existence itself as a blade.
    Maybe due to the sublimation of the anecdotes of it employing a very long sword, once the True Name is released, its weapon changes from two Azamaru into a single, giant blade.
    Although this is also effective against those other than the Genji, as expected it is most effective against the Genji.

    (1) roughly, "vile seventh byoue". This 'byoue' mentioned here was a government official of sorts in the old Ritsuryou system.

    (2) roughly, "all worldly things are transitory・even the prosperous inevitably decay". These are generally regarded as the "moral of the story" for the Heike Monogatari.

    Kiichi Hougen
    Kiichi Hougen

    A Buddhist onmyouji and a strategist.
    A being told to be the founder of the Kyouhachi-ryuu, the oldest style of swordsmanship in Saigoku(1).
    She imparted combat techniques to the young Ushiwakamaru, teaching even the innermost secrets of strategy from the Liu Tao and the San Lue... but not out of her own volition. A fearsome great mentor who once tried to kill Ushiwakamaru out of indignation upon discovering that he seduced her daughter in order to steal a glance at these texts.

    Her name is Kiichi Hougen.
    And her true identity is---?

    Simply broadminded.
    She laughs off at small details without paying much attention to them.

    At a first glance, she appears as tolerant and humane, a good-natured person with a trustworthy behavior.
    However, she is actually endowed with sensitivities far removed from that of humans. Upon spending a long time talking and taking care of her, it will probably become apparent that she is "different from humans on a fundamental level".

    She is not human.

    The superhuman being called Kiichi Hougen is often equated with the daitengu known as Kurama Tengu, aka. Soujoubou of Mt. Kurama.
    In the "Kiichi Hougen Sanryaku no Maki" (a joururi from the Edo period), it has been recorded that Kiichi Hougen's true identity is Soujoubou, the tengu of Mt. Kurama.

    In this work as well...
    Kiichi Hougen is not human.
    But a daitengu.

    A spiritual species affiliated with natural elements such as mountains, the sky, wind, fire and etc. Although different from the so called divine spirits, she is an existence closer to them than human beings.

    Although a being that originally would have no relations to humans, depending on circumstances, she would occasionally get in touch with people and bestow something to them - just like in cases such as Ushiwakamaru and the Kyouhachi-ryuu.
    Things that she bestow include knowledge, technology, secret techniques and esoterica... but not limited to those.
    Once displeased, she will probably end up sending them to hell - quite literally.
    For a daitengu on the level of Soujoubou of Mt. Kurama, opening the gates of hell is not much trouble.

    She has no grasp on the finer details of the livelihood of the human species.

    That being said, when she feels like it, she sometimes grants the wishes of those small beings and even fosters individuals who conceal dormant talents, such as Ushiwakamaru.
    Although she does not quite understand people, she "does not hate" them.
    In addition, she also "does not hate" animals and insects to the same extent.

    She loves banquets.
    Her pet saying is "kah, ka, ka"(2)

    Height/Weight: 171cm・57kg
    Source: Gikeiki, fairy-tales, Kurama Tengu legends.
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: - (her current body is female)
    In regards to her body, she can freely change everything about it - from her physique to even her gender. Her current appearance is the one she most often uses, but it seems that her most majestic figure is something else entirely.

    Eternally Peerless Sword: A+
    It has been said that Kiichi Hougen is the founder of the legendary old school kenjutsu, the Kyouhachi-ryuu.
    Supposedly, the Kyouhachi-ryuu are the eight schools of combat techniques that Kiichi taught to her eight best pupils, which in turn became the origins for all forms of kenjutsu in Saigoku. In addition, one among those best pupils was Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Ushiwakamaru).

    Onmyoudo (Buddhist): A
    Kiichi Hougen was a Buddhist onmyouji of great influence in the Kyoto of the late Heian period.

    Liu Tao's Art of War: EX
    The zenith of military strategy, treasured by the whole world.
    Regarded as one of the Seven Military Classics, this is a legendary document on the art of war that rivals the San Lue.
    Kiichi Hougen was the safe-keeper, guardian of this book.


    Liu Tao San Lue・Demon Lord's Pompous Feather Fan
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 500 people
    A feather fan is a fan produced out of the feathers of a falcon or eagle.
    It was often used as a tool to command military forces but, on the other hand, it also appears in legends and paintings as a tool concealing vast supernatural power--- a Noble Phantasm employed by tengu and xianren.

    The so called "tengu's feather fan".
    What Assassin, Kiichi Hougen employs as her Noble Phantasm is also one of those feather fans (hauchiwa).

    Its destructive power can be described as simply tremendous.
    Rather than Kiichi Hougen's dispositions as an onmyouji or strategist, this is a Noble Phantasm that strongly embodies her disposition as the Kurama Tengu, aka. daitengu Soujoubou of Mt. Kurama. The winds released together with the True Name are already on the levels of storms, natural disasters that can split mountains and shake the earth.

    (1) an ancient denomination for Japan's westernmost territories, mostly forgotten in modern times. Its exact boundaries differ among the many sources, but most tend to include all lands between Kyushu and Kansai.

    (2)or something like that. Basically, a weird sort of laughter that is characteristic of the tengu.

    Amor (Caren)
    Amor (Caren)

    A "god of love" from Roman mythology.
    A Pseudo-Servant that has the young girl Caren Ortensia as the vessel. As a result of the Authority of the God Amor being a great match to Caren's personality, she was reborn in the figure of the miraculous perfect fusion divine spirit Caren-chan (or so she says).

    Upon the incineration of the anthropic principle, this human sacrifice in the form of a young girl was chosen as a Servant from the anthropic principle. Although her behavior is eccentric, the basis for it all is a "devotion towards the world".

    Frankly speaking, the personality of the young girl called Caren is "dry, cool and cynical".
    While her true nature is that of a young girl, she will never speak any sweet words.
    A devil that is almost like a holy woman.
    Or maybe, a holy woman that is almost like a devil.
    Bitter, resigned, merciless, a harlot with a wicked tongue.
    On top of that, she is a holy woman endowed with the heart of a "pure young girl".
    She possesses a strong conviction and faith, truly believing that her life is to be dedicated to the Lord and that she is meant to offer her services the Lord in Heavens and the people that He loves.

    When such an young girl was put in charge of the post of the God Amor, what ran through her whole body was not a repulsion towards "a deity that does not belong to her creed", but a sense of duty that was much like a lightning strike.
    Even if it is from a different religious sect, the post of a "evangelist of love" is something wonderful.
    "Wouldn't I simply be answering to the Lord's love by performing this duty to my utmost?"---
    "Of course that unilaterally amending the fate of others makes me excited!"---
    Just as she was burning up in this manner, Caren renamed herself as Caren C. Ortensia and stood up in order to make Chaldea's Valentine's Day into something good.

    Her spiritual core is composed by Eros (the God of Love from Greek mythology) and Amor (the God of Love from Roman mythology).

    Despite introducing herself as Amor while in her angel form, upon reaching Second Ascension (which is actually her default condition), she stops claiming to be Amor and completely rejects (finds fault) in Eros. And yet, she still disguises herself as the angel of love Cupid, which is often described as the symbol of these two deities.

    This is all because Caren's own deep piety defines "love" as "uncompensated love"(1). Amor aside, this is a fundamental rejection of Eros (sexual love).

    There are four different variations of love in Greek philosophy: sexual love, neighbourly love, familial love and the uncompensated love towards others.
    The uncompensated love that she knows... the "God's love (Agape)... does not comprise sexual love, which is regarded as vulgar form of love.

    Consequentially, although Caren is a Pseudo-Servant of the "God of Love" known as Amor, her roots are those of the evangelist of an even greater love that rejects both Amor and Eros.
    The antinomy of this queerish idiosyncrasy as a Servant can be said to be very typical of Caren, who possesses sadistic tastes despite having a predisposition to masochism.

    Rather than the Caren from "Fate/Hollow ataraxia", she is closer to the one seen in "Fate/Tiger Colosseum".
    Whenever she is attending to her Church duties as a supervisor, Caren remains taciturn young girl that never speaks of "her opinion, her convenience". But in cases like this one, when she is not bound to her "post as a sister", she behaves like the mastermind of an incident - speaking, working and plotting quite a lot.
    (Although we're calling her a mastermind, she does not causes incidents out of wickedness in her heart, but rather is simply doing things that should bring good results to people).

    ...that being said, putting all that aside, she has a truly bothersome personality in which both sadism and masochism coexist. She loves to see people suffer and also loves how her own body suffers. Because of that, even as she plans a good livelihood for people, she single-mindedly prepares hard tortures for the sake of its achievement.

    She approves of money collection, but that is because money "rules over people" and is a "symbol of authority".
    God was wished upon so people would have something to love and rule over them.
    For Caren, who became one with the Lord's will by means of the limits of prayers (or so she says), accumulating money is a joy in itself.

    Although the Church teaches that "one must not amass wealth in the land", Caren does not think that "money = wealth", nor does she have any attachments to the collected cash.
    She simply gets excited in seeing it accumulate and does not particularly think of "using money to buy something I like" or "enjoying luxuries with this money" at all. Instead, it seems that she even feel that "maybe I should just burn it after I done with it".

    In order to exorcise demons, she devoted her body to a great variety of people・animals, always wishing for their happiness. Still, it seems that there is only one person for whom she held a simple, human-like love... whom she wished happiness to for her own sake. Even now, she still holds on to the memories and wishes of that love in the bottom of her heart.

    Height/Weight: 156cm・40kg
    Source: Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Fate/Hollow ataraxia
    Region: Mediterranean Sea, Europe
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    "No matter what figure I might take, I remain a sister that serves the Lord. Still, currently I am also performing the job of the God Amor.
    Isn't that a change of religious sect, you ask?
    Rest assured. The love of the Lord is surely infinite.

    Item Construction: A
    She is a professional in regards to tools that affect the heart - the "arrow of love" for example.
    She produces a lot of wonderful items that make the human heart function even better - such as giving a small push on the back of someone fainthearted.

    Independent Action: A
    For an "evangelist of love" such as Caren C. Ortensia, the Master is not the only one that she must serve.
    Given both the Lord's will and the duty to deliver love to many people, she is not bound to the Master's circumstances. Freedom.

    Predisposition for Spiritual Medium Affliction: EX
    A physical constitution that causes the evil influences in the surroundings to take a hold of her body, regardless of her own will. It reproduces demons as phenomena and, depending on circumstances, causes them to incarnate.
    It becomes easy for her to be afflicted by bad statuses such as poison, curse and burn. Also, Caren's own attack power increases while she is afflicted by such bad statuses.
    From a masochist, she turn into a fearsome sadist. Still, it is not something that she can intentionally produce.

    Divine Core of a Goddess: B
    Originally, this would be the "Divinity" of Amor, but it became a Divine Core of a Goddess due to the strong convictions of the young girl that is his vessel.
    For this young girl, the only one who has true "divinity" is the Great Father.

    Faith of Steel: A
    Caren's version of the Craft Essence "Training of Steel".
    This albino girl, who was originally supposed to die soon after she was born, grew while defying people's expectations.
    "I am alive"--- she believes that fact itself is a miracle and a proof that the "Lord's love" exists.
    She has acquired resistances to fear, charm and Buster attacks as a passive skill.

    Holy Shroud of Valentinus: A
    Eros (sexual love).
    Caren originally made habitual use of the "Holy Shroud of Magdala", but she is currently employing a "holy shroud of lovers".
    It seems that she named it Valentinus in order to match with Chaldea's Valentine's Day.

    Golden Arrow: A
    Philia (neighbourly love).
    An angel's arrow that fills the hearts of pierced humans with love. Compulsorily.
    "Love is always sudden, right?"

    Prana Burst (Love): A
    Storge (familial love). Also known as God Caren.
    A super buff mustered for the sake of a beloved, someone who ought to be protected, a unique existence. Somewhat amazing.


    The Greatest Hits, "Calling Agape" - Universal, Uncompensated, Infinite Love
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: Unknown
    A Noble Phantasm that wraps herself into a shell of prayers and ascends・advents as a brand-new, more universal spokesman of "love". Ascension.
    She becomes not Amor, but the "heavenly love" that originated it and then shines over the world with uncompensated, infinite love in a divine punishment-type of attack.
    No matter how you look at it, this is an Anti-World Noble Phantasm, but she insists in calling it an Anti-Unit to the bitter end.
    The "love" that Caren speaks of is the God's love that loves all of humanity unconditionally and without compensation. In other words, the Agape.

    In "Tiger Colosseum", Caren once used a morning star "whose weight was proportional to the size of the love of the owner". Supposedly, since Caren loves all of humanity, the hammer's weight equals the weight of Earth. This Noble Phantasm is a FGO variation of it.

    Also, it is the "beam of love" that is infinite, while the uncompensated part denotes Caren's feelings of "giving it free of charge".

    (1) I refrain from calling this "free love", least it get confused with an entirely different concept


    A character from the story of King Pygmalion, one of the Greek myths.

    Pygmalion was the king of Cyprus Island and a sculptor. Despite remaining single due becoming disillusioned with real women, he once carved his "ideal woman" on a white ivory. Falling deeply in love with this sculpture that he himself had created, Pygmalion presented it with clothes and jewels. Even began talking to, embracing and kissing it as if a lover.
    He wished from the bottom of his heart that the sculpture would become a living woman.
    Upon seeing that (or maybe receiving his prayers), the goddess Aphrodite accepted Pygmalion's prayers and bestowed life upon the sculpture.
    Supposedly, after that sculpture turned into a human, she became Pygmalion's wife and even bore him a child---

    King Pygmalion
    People who loves inorganic substances
    Carving, fine arts

    Earthquakes (for they are the archenemies of sculptures)
    People who handle objects roughly

    Without a doubt, she was born due to King Pygmalion's love for dolls.
    A love so strong that would even lead a god to grant his wish, possibly being no different from madness.
    Having been born from the King's overly strong love (madness) and spent her entire life with Pygmalion, it is only natural that Galatea herself would eventually that love (madness).

    Consequentially, Servant Galatea is summoned as a Berserker.

    "I was born from King Pygmalion's love, and exist to convey that love. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you too can find true love..."

    The one who gave life to the sculpture called Galatea and turned it into a human was the Goddess Aphrodite.
    Now, where did the "life" bestowed here came from?

    ...actually, what lies at her roots is "Aphrodite herself".
    Of course, not the main body of the deity, but merely a small fraction that was detached and made independent, so it could act as the core of her component materials.
    Still, a deity is a deity.
    If anyone possessing eyes on the level of a god were to look closely, it would become clear to them that the basis for the being called Galatea is hopelessly Aphrodite.
    The power that she employs in battle is also originated from Aphrodite's divinity, but since Galatea herself is not self-aware that she belongs to Aphrodite's genealogy, she perceives this as "Lady Aphrodite continues to bestow me with her divine protection even now".
    Galatea believes that Aphrodite is a wonderful deity of love that even now bestow her with divine protection, a goddess that she is greatly indebted to.

    It is uncertain why Aphrodite - who lives for the sake of extravagant love - did such a thing, but...
    Aphrodite is regarded to have a dual nature - the aggressive Pandemos that governs over death and the likes; and the Urania that governs over pure love. It has been conjectured that the latter aspect might probably have felt something about the "love" of King Pygmalion.

    Height/Weight: 160cm・??kg
    Source: Greek mythology
    Region: Greece, Cyprus Island
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Female
    Due possessing the disposition of a sculpture, she is relatively heavier than a human.
    As the person herself is in fact mindful about it, she refuses to step on a bathroom scale.

    Pygmalion's Love: EX
    A skill that denotes the fact that she was born while receiving the love of Pygmalion, King of Cyprus Island.
    As her fundamental raison d'Ítre, this love has genially taken root within her heart and will never be forgotten.
    In addition, this skill is also involved with the use of the techniques obtained during the happy days that she shared with King Pygmalion - such as housework and the carving skills that she learned from the King.

    Sculpture Maiden: A
    A skill that denotes the fact that she is a being born from a sculpture produced out of carved ivory.
    Her spiritual body as a Servant also possesses the disposition of inorganic substances.
    This is because the mystery components of the anecdote engraved in human history are originated from the fact that "she was a sculpture".
    In other words, she is fundamentally in a condition of conceptual overlap, in which she "is both a person and a sculpture".
    Even if her body is damaged, it is possible to restore it to what it was before simply by putting her back together. During combat, she can also become more solid than your average Servant by steeling herself.
    Supposedly, the proportion of "person" to "sculpture" is controlled by her will.
    It is possible to become both 100% human and 100% sculpture.


    Pygmalion Chisel Out - The King's Chisel that Carves an Ideal
    Type: Anti-Materiel
    Range: 1~30
    Maximum Targets: -
    The embodiment of the divine skill with a chisel wielded by King Pygmalion, an extraordinary sculptor.
    As both his wife and a being born from that chisel, Servant Galatea possesses it as a Noble Phantasm.

    To begin with, what he carved out of ivory was a maiden of such shape and quality that it seemed like she was actually alive.
    A divine skill with a chisel that produces sculptures with a workmanship beyond human understanding - capable of making anyone who sees it believe it's actually alive; of causing even the very person who carved it to fall in love; and leading a deity to think it would be fine to bestow life to it.
    Aphrodite's blessings have been infused in this Noble Phantasm, so things carved out with it are given life and begin to move around - almost like a reproduction of Pygmalion's legend.

    A carved bird will spread its wings to the sky. A snake will extend its tongue and crawl. A rose will blossom amidst its thorns. Just like Galatea, these will all be "both sculptures and lifeforms" (in regards to their colours and material smoothness).
    However, they cannot live forever and will turn back into mere exquisite sculptures once Galatea cuts off their supply of magical energy.
    Also, no matter how exquisite the carving, it cannot produces lifeforms on the level of "humans".

    Galatea herself believes this to be caused by "my lack of love towards the object". Conversely, it also results into her respect for Pygmalion increasing.
    "King Pygmalion is truly incredible!"

    Miss Crane
    Miss Crane

    "Let me tailor some clothes to you.
    However, just promise me one thing.
    By no means look upon my figure as I work

    Poh. Poh. Whooh. (Spin a thread)
    Tok. Tok. Shaah. (Weave a loom)
    Let us then tailor a lovely attire with the perfected fabric.
    Maybe an evening dress of the latest fashion? Or even gentlemanly three-piece suit?
    You can also leave things avant-garde to me.
    No matter what sort of clothes, I shall make them as you wish.
    After all, this is my repayment.
    A repayment of kindness, to recompense you.

    Polite, kind and hard-working. And, above all, someone who possesses a sense of obligation that is way too strong. She is that sort of character.
    She becomes deeply impressed by even the most trivial favour and tries her utmost to recompense it. Or rather, she simply cannot stand not returning that favour.
    The greatest repayment that she can do is to "make clothes".
    She performs everything herself, from spinning threads to tailoring, and her skill can be described as truly god-level.

    What she likes is "idols".
    If there is a live performance occurring on the east, she will participate in high spirits. If there is a handshake event in the west, she will come rushing while carrying a present.
    Should her favorite wear a costume that she tailored, she may even be deported back to the Throne due to overwhelming feelings of gratitude and reverence. So be careful!

    In addition, she is the type that does not clean her own room.
    Although she neatly tidy up the "places where others pass by", the bedroom and storage room that are only for herself end up in truly terrible conditions.
    They have the atmosphere of a bird's nest that just exploded, with used clothes, notes about design, fashion magazines from many nations, empty bottles of high-class alcohol (she is quite the heavy drinker) scattered about... this sort of cluttered room is not something you should peek into, okay?

    There is a type of narrative technique called doubutsu houontan(1).
    Stories whose plot involves birds and animals that have been saved by humans bringing about befitting fortunes in order to recompense that favour.
    In Japan, the "Tsuru no Ongaeshi" is particularly famous.
    Miss Crane is a being shaped while having the crane from said "Tsuru no Ongaeshi" as her core image.
    Devoting herself from the bottom of her heart to her benefactor, she works to weave a loom made out of the feathers extracted from her own body. Should you see her figure as she works, she will turn back into a crane and depart.
    The only difference from the folklore lies in the fact she can pull off everything from weaving up a fabric to tailoring clothes. This is clearly a characteristic that belongs only to "her" who has manifested here and now.

    After materializing in this era due to certain circumstances, she has been wandering around all over the world until now. While traveling, she met with and was saved by many people (there were even some Servants among them). She remembers all those debts of gratitude, and has solemnly pledged in her heart to "repay them someday, without fail".
    The piece of bread that was given to her, on that day.
    The warm futon that she was allowed to sleep in, on that day.
    The front premium seat that was yielded to her, on that day.
    She has not forgotten even a single one of them.

    Let's return the favour.
    Let's sincerely recompense them.
    Indeed, to "you" too.

    ...I had grown tired of everything, and my magical energy had also dried up.
    It's no good. This is as far as I go."
    Still, my fate is to "come across" a helping hand exactly when I'm in a predicament.
    Suddenly, a soft voice called out to me.
    When I looked up, there was a gentleman with lovely features. He seemed kind but, at the same time, had a somewhat soft, easygoing and even sloppy aura.
    Yet, for some reason... he also seemed to be working awfully hard for something. At any rate, he was a curious gentleman.
    It is very unusual for me to be perplexed on how to interact with someone in our first meeting. While I was at loss, he gently took me into his care.

    ---Chaldea, was its name.
    A place where a very difficult, important work was being done.
    I ended up residing in one of its lodgings, a chamber called "Lostroom".
    Apparently, it was a place nobody gets close to, nor tries to peek into.
    Oh, that skylight... it reminded me of my lodging in Paris.
    I decided to rest my feathers here for a while.
    Still, still, my new benefactor. One day for sure, please let me return this favour.
    Even if you don't need a dress tailored, I shall devote all my efforts and magecraft in order to grant your "wish".
    ...why do you laugh, in a such a troubled manner?
    Truly, you're a strange person.

    He has been lost. He disappeared. Why? Why again?
    He won't come back. It is impossible for him to come back.
    Still, at least. At least, at least. Let this reach him.

    Even if the "Throne" has forever forgotten you.
    I won't forget.
    Everyone at Chaldea, probably feel the same.
    So... I shall present a "proof" for you, who was once here.

    Something to be lost, to someone who was lost.
    Something brilliant, to someone who is far away.

    Height/Weight: 173cm・55kg
    Source: Japanese folklore, Chinese folklore, etc.
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Fenale
    "I learned my make-up techniques in France, Paris.♪"

    The Costume-like Affection of a Lady: EX
    The proof of a heart that loves all clothes beyond all else.
    Clothes might have no heart, but upon coming in contact with her love, they can't help but to flare up with the joys of life.

    One Night Haori: B
    Deploying and improvised atelier bounded field and wholeheartedly beginning manufacture.
    However, the passion to produce an excellent work of art burns up even her life-force.

    Millenary Gratitude: A
    She won't forget the gratitude towards favours received.
    Even if a thousand years were to pass, those feelings would remain "here" just as they were in that day, without disappearing or bending.
    Now is the time to repay that debt of gratitude by dedicating my body.

    Territory Creation (Atelier): C+
    A territory endowed with specialized effects concerning clothings and accessories. The quality of fabrics and clothes manufactured within it improve, and they gain all sorts of additional effects.
    The interior of the territory obstructs visibility from the outside, but its efficacy as a wall against attacks is low.

    Item Construction (Garnment): A
    She can manufacture high quality fabrics and clothes that are imbued with magical energy.


    Ten'i Muhou・Kaon Sekibetsuka
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The supreme costume, weaved and tailored while pouring her soul into it.
    This Noble Phantasm manifests in the present era the ideal clothes, the final goal that all tailor craftsmen and fashion designers pursue, even if just for a while.
    Its degree of perfection is not something that human intellect can understand, boasting a beauty and comfort to wear akin to the "Tennyou's feathery robes" that appear in the Tennyou legends from all over Japan. It is quite literally, flawless.

    The power possessed by this costume is exceedingly simple: "giving hope to whoever wears it".
    It really is just that.
    Hope, hope and even more hope.
    If there is hope in their hearts, then people can move forward.
    They can surmount any hardships and horrors... this costume bestows sufficient basis for them to believe in that, which is felt through their skin.

    However, producing such a costume imposes serious exhaustion on the maker.
    After being dressed in that glory, you will then take notice.
    "Oh, she has left. She flew away towards beyond that evening scenery, leaving behind only this supreme garment as a keepsake".

    (1) roughly, 'animal kindness repayment tales'. It is a variation of animal anthropomorphism particular of Asian countries.

    (2) this is an oddity. The first part of the name is simply an old idiom concerning perfect beauty. The second part, however, denotes different things when you see how is it written in kanji and furigana. The former roughly means 'crane's debt of gratitude, song of parting regrets'; while the latter would be something like 'fate of a crane, tearful farewell'

    Mysterious Idol X (Alter)
    Mysterious Idol X (Alter)

    The costume (dress) of wishes is for the sake of a live performance.
    The singing (voice) of hopes is for the sake of an unfulfilled dream.

    Tonight, this young girl becomes an idol and makes a gallant debut in shining battleground (stage).
    "I want to convey it to you, who I have yet to meet. My song, my burning life."

    Releasing the Alter Reactor. Idornium Full Throttle.
    ---Limit Break・Next Stage!!

    The one who lost her way into the idol-supremacist Singularity was, in a sense, the "movie version" of A-chan(1).
    Compared to her normal condition, she is a little bit more emotional and energetic. Also, the cost for drawing her is higher.

    A greedy Singer Song Foreigner of musical composition・lyrics writing, singing, musical performance and battle performance.

    If you further trace back her origins, the original model of "Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)" comes from a reality TV show that won a reasonable amount of popularity in the Universe world.
    There were the "1st Season, Academy Volume" (in which she partnered with Mysterious Heroine X) and the "2nd Season, Villain Volume" (in which she aspired to revive the Dark Rounds while implicitly obeying the Villains Alliance).

    The "movie version" was a special episode that occurred between them.
    In which she had to work hard in order to become the #1 Idol Servant of the Universe due to unexpected circumstances, but...?

    Well... you see... as expected, something like a moonwalk robot that attacks by turning the Milky Way into cymbal is simply too much of an inflation.

    While her easygoing attitude and verbal expressions haven't changed much when compared to her Berserker, once a villain-self, her emotions have been lightly untied, becoming capable of smiling spontaneously and even telling jokes herself.
    The feelings of wanting to entertain and make people happy were brought to the surface.
    On the other hand, she unintentionally ends up showing the weaknesses and irritations that she had been trying to not expose to others.
    The fluctuations of the heart that were nothing but hindrances when brandishing a sword.
    She was surprised to find out that emotions like those also existed within her, and that musical compositions and lyrics writing might be enjoyable once you got the gist of them...
    ...she started to become aware of such things.
    That if it is possible to influence people through songs and music, without relying on the fear and violence of a villain, then it might be fine to try and become more honest with herself.

    Height/Weight: 154cm・42kg
    Source: FGO Waltz Collaboration "Shine! Grail Live!!"
    Region: Servant Universe
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female
    The floating pod Black Knight-kun is an enclosure unit.
    Both the retort abusive language and the stereophonic sound are doubled-doubled.

    Waltz Superb Performance: B
    Transcendental technique as a Servant.
    A detailed and heroic performance, unleashed by the full throttle of physical abilities・perception that exceeds humans.

    Infinite Upstream Sailing Lyrics: C
    Cracking by means of thaumaturgical rhymes and singing methods. It displays a strong effect against theoretical thinking and machines (especially artificial intelligences).

    Singing Voice of the King: C
    Called "royal touch" in ancient times. A blessed singing voice that heals people and cause miracles.


    Lumino Caliburn - Glittering Colors Illusionary Performance Hegemonic Sword
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 5~55
    Maximum Targets: 14,471 people
    "Wicked Holy String, Lumino Calibur" - a forbidden blade guitar, which supposedly only those who made a pact with the devil of music can strum.
    (It was a bargain offer from Planet Chami's(2) Noble Phantasm OFF)
    The super-emo particles - Idornium - refined by it changes the field into a stage where points of light sway.

    "Moonbow Large River i.e. Luminas. Semidarkness Virtuosic Music Howbeit Harmony.(3)
    Listen to the singing voice of my sword--- Lumino Calibur!"

    (1) for those who don't know, this is the nickname that regular Heroine X gave to her Alter version.

    (2) from what I can tell, this is a pun involving a chain of music stores from Japan.

    (3) yeah, this is clearly a nod to what they did with Heroine XX

    Morgan le Fay

    The Queen that dominates the Lostbelt・Fairy Nation Britain.
    She established an absolute monarchy in the Lostbelt Britain and enforced a tyrannical rule for 2,000 years, tormenting the fairies.
    A fairy of the highest order, and a genius magus that obtained the Spear of the Beyond, Rhongomynyad as a magecraft.

    In the Pan Human History, she was a fairy child - a scion of the British Isles - conceived by Igraine, the daughter of Tintagel. Later, she and Artoria would be treated as sisters as a formality (Morgan's mother, Igraine, married with King Uther).(1)

    "Artoria is nothing but a "king of the people", manufactured by the schemes of humans.
    I am surely the "true king" that inherited the mystery of the British Isles." Aware of this fact, Morgan would eventually come to hate her father King Uther, her younger sister Artoria and all the humans who did not obey her. This became the main cause for the ruin of the British Isles.

    In the Pan Human History, she gave birth to several children, many who became Knights of the Round Table.
    Gawain, Gaheris, Gareth and Agrarian were the children of Morgan with the King Orkney. Mordred was a homunculus created by employing Artoria's blood and semen, for the sake of defeating her.

    A cruel queen that believes only in her own power.
    It is not like she doesn't believe in people, but she expects nothing out of them.
    Regards the "lawful domination of the British Isles" as foremost.

    She hates humans, hates fairies, hates the weak, hates the ugly, hates equality and hates peace. From the perspective of the masses, her personality is like the very "personification of evil".

    Still, although described as "hate", that does mean she sees them "unnecessary", but merely "things that are incompatible with her".
    Morgan views justice as the "condition of being under control", while evil is the "condition where those who disturb my control exist".
    As such, Morgan's personal "likes・dislikes" are unrelated to to her "good・evil" as a ruler.
    Even if it is something that she hates, she will fairly accept and pardon anything that is necessary for domination. The extremeness・absoluteness of those standards is almost like that of a heartless machine.

    Be as it may, Morgan has a heart as well.
    She just no longer can strongly experience things such as joy, sadness, hatred, indignation, desire and love.
    After a long time of single-mindedly safeguarding Britain, Morgan's heart has grown completely cold.

    There is just one passion that is still lit in her chest---
    The wish that her past self continued to crave for.
    Even now, it is only the purpose of "dominating Britain" that continues to stimulate her.

    ...even though, during a long journey, she came to realize the fact that this is not human-like childhood dream, but something derived from being born that way.

    Supposedly, the Morgan from Pan Human History was lewd, cruel and self-centered. Her personality was truly the model of a wicked woman. But this Morgan turned into a talented woman after having those components beaten and quieten down during a long journey.
    Something like a femme fatale that grew frustrated, or maybe repented of her ways.
    The pleasures between man and woman, the excitement of abusing others, the delight of having her own way; according to Morgan, those are all "boring. I've already lost interest in such things." (her own words).
    However, since those traits have merely quieten down, it might be possible that her past cruelty, bad taste can relapse if she were to face a situation・dilemma that can drive her into a corner.

    Height/Weight: 170cm・56kg
    Source: Arthurian Legends, English fairy history, Lostbelt Britain
    Region: Orkney of the Beyond
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female
    She was described as the "good fairy of the lake" in ancient English fairy history, but was turned into a wicked woman that opposed King Arthur after the Arthurian Legends were compiled.
    At the same time, she has also been equated with the fairy Viviane, which bestowed a holy sword to King Arthur and protected him after death.

    Charisma of Craving: B
    The power of a ruler who - after many failures, many disappointments and much despair - chose the path of dominate the masses by means of fear.

    Protection of the Lake: C
    A divine protection from the fairies of the lake.
    Because the time she spent wandering was much too long, its rank has declined.

    From the Beyond: A
    The dignity of the Queen who stood up despite being on the verge of death many times, reached the island on the beyond and finally returned to Britain.
    A skill possessed only the Morgan that is a King of a Lostbelt, and not by the regular Morgan.
    A swirl of powerful curses that can influence the outcome of a battle in itself.
    The incarnation of a winter storm.


    Roadless Camelot - The Already Unreachable Utopia
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: 10~99
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    Camelot - the castle of white walls that Morgan spent her lifetime wishing to enter, but was never able to.
    The very rules of the world... in other words, the "anthropic principle" itself decided to not make Morgan the king of Britain.
    That unfulfilled wish changed into grief, and finally turned into hatred.
    A twisted desire to dominate and sense of entitlement.
    A burning nostalgia and rage against humans.
    And also, the rancor towards Artoria - who sat in the throne of Camelot despite being the same existence as her - ended up turning Morgan into the "one who leads the Round Table to ruin".
    This is such way of being expressed as a magecraft.
    Morgan's love and hate that attempts to traverse and destroy in an instant a road whose end simply cannot be reached.

    The one Morgan must defeat is not King Arthur.
    She returned from the beyond and became a witch that curses the world in order overthrow the very fate that once attempted to destroy the fairies of Britain for the sake of humans - the "anthropic principle" itself.

    (1) seems like that whole thing of Morgan being Uther's legitimate daughter was retconned.

    (2) given Galahad's Noble Phantasm, I considered translating this as "Lordless Camelot". But now I am beginning to fear that "Lord Camelot" is the wrong one....

    Fairy Knight Gawain

    One of the Knights of the Round Table from the Fairy Nation Britain.
    A fairy knight labelled(1) with the Saint Graph of Gawain, a Knight of the Round Table from Pan Human History.
    Despite belonging to the "Fang Clan" that are endowed with tenacious bodies, her outward appearance is that of a humanoid Saint Graph.
    The most feared fairy knight in the Fairy Nation.
    Also called "Gawain, the philanderer", "Gawain, the glutton".

    Her name as a fairy is Barghest.
    In Pan Human History, this is the name of a fairy that appears in the north of England.
    It materializes in the form of a chained dog, possessing burning eyes and horns.
    In the city, it is known as a fairy that notifies a death, supposedly appearing whenever someone dies.
    Also, when a person possessing an important role in the city dies, it parades across town while bringing along many subordinates (dogs).

    Outside the city, it transforms from a fairy that announces death to one that bestows death, appearing frequently in the plateaus.
    It devours the travellers it comes across.
    Believed to be a variation of the black dog, a fairy folklore handed down all over England.

    Diplomatic and passive.
    She declares her will in a straightforward manner, without concealing her own feelings, and also confirms the feelings of the other party.
    A knight that boldly throws out her chest without feeling ashamed of anyone, but her actions (especially military actions) themselves are those of a prudent who moves after properly assessing the situation.
    She draws her sword only after assessing the circumstances of both parties (not just one side's convenience) and deciding "very well, let's exterminate the weaker one".
    Due the manner how she mercilessly tramples down the weak once she stands in the battlefield, she has been portrayed as a ruthless knight.

    Despite her stiff personality, since she was raised as a noble (receiving a scrupulous education), she fundamentally has a gentle way of thinking and there is even enough flexibility to appreciate jokes.
    However, clever jokes and parlance that appease the general mood are not her strong points, so she never takes the initiative to crack jokes herself.

    Maybe due to regarding the laws of the jungle as absolute, she tends to let her guard down towards those she sense as "strong", growing intimate and eventually becoming lovers. She is actually lonely person with a propensity to fall in love.
    In the past, she had liaisons with lovers of several races (making no distinction between man and woman, fairy or human). But those relationships never lasted more than a month, and she soon found herself single again.
    This resulted in rumours of her being a philandering fairy, but Fairy Knight Tristan sarcastically says that "I just grow bored easily; it's not like I have a propensity to fall in love like you".

    Born from a fairy lineage, in human terms she would be something akin to the daughter of an earl.
    Although she behaves stout-heartedly・cold-heartedly as a fairy knight, her true nature is kind and easily moved to tears.

    Height/Weight: 190cm・120kg
    Source: English fairy history, Lostbelt Britain
    Region: Fairy Nation・Oxford
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    "No matter what kind of parallel universe, the law of the jungle is an absolute rule. The weak have no choice but to obey the strong."

    Mad Enhancement: A+
    Although Barghest does not display any mental abnormalities, she must periodically ***.(2)
    Once assailed by this impulse, she will grow insane unless swiftly dealt with, becoming a Berserker that indiscriminately repeats massacres.

    Fairy Knight: A
    The divine protection of one who was chosen as a guardian of the fairies.
    A self-strengthening specialized in Anti-Unit・Anti-Civilization, but offensive deeds against other "fairy knights" is regarded as taboo. A fairy knight that kills another fairy knight will self-destruct.

    Wild Rule: A
    Someone who protects the rules of the natural world and receive its graces.
    She asserts that, under the principles of the law of the jungle, it is only natural for weak humans to be dominated as a species.

    Numeral of the Saint: B
    A skill transcripted from Gawain, a Heroic Spirit from Pan Human History.
    Her basic parameters drastically increase during the morning, when she is in contact with the sun.

    Foul Weather: A
    A fairy power transmitted in Cornwall, which "constructed a cathedral in a single night".
    A powerful fairy territory that protects the ally camp.


    Black Dog Galatine - Horn of the Sun that Preys Upon Others
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~100
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    An enormous attack that employs her blazing horn - "Fairy Sword Galatine".
    The horn in Barghest's forehead is an antenna that controls the growth of her own Saint Graph, and extracting it will cause her reason to die and make the remaining instinct the driving force of her body.
    Barghest will undergo "atavism" upon extracting her horn, expanding a fairy body clad in dark fire and bringing down Galatine on the enemy camp.
    The fire that burns up from the ground looks like a fang that crunched and preyed upon the enemy camp.

    (1) the Japanese word used here has no direct equivalent in English (pretty sure it is an original term they came up with). Given the context, I believe this to be the best possible translation.

    (2) this is not a mistake; the original Japanese text was also written like that.

    Fairy Knight Tristan
    Baobhan Sith

    One of the Knights of the Round Table from the Fairy Nation Britain.
    A fairy knight labelled with the Saint Graph of Tristan, a Knight of the Round Table from Pan Human History.
    The "daughter" of Queen Morgan that dominates Lostbelt Britain, she receives a favourable treatment as her successor.
    In the Lostbelt Britain where there is no need magecraft, she was one of the two fairies who were raised as a witch.

    Her name as a fairy is Baobhan Sith.
    A female fairy transmitted in Scotland.
    With a name that literally means "fairy woman", it supposedly appears during the night to absorb the life of humans, leading them to die. It enjoys blood and is weak against sunlight.

    Many fairies bring both "benefits" and "harms", but Baobhan Sith is a malignant fairy that brings nothing but harm.
    Its appearance is just like that of a beautiful human female, but only the legs it hides beneath a long skirt are that of a fairy - with its heels being like "deer hooves".

    Diplomatic and passive.
    She possesses the temperament of a ruler that impudently speaks her own desires and pushes around the surrounding people in order to make them come true.
    An ephemeral hedonist who cares only for feeling good in the present time.
    As typical of fairies, she prefers fun things. However, since the only "fun" thing she knows is the cries of suffering from the weak, she consequentially tends heavily towards deeds that trample and trifle with the weak - regardless of them being humans or fairies.
    (Due to never being loved by anyone, and also receiving praise from her "mother" Morgan "only when oppressing the weak", she ended up learning that those were fun things)

    A witch child that combined the image of an admirable young girl that endeavours to be loved by her mother, with the haughtiness of a princess that sees the kingdom that will one day be hers as nothing but a toy.
    She seriously feel sick upon seeing benevolence and whitewashing, thoroughly disparaging them. When asked for a reason, her answer is "Isn't it obvious!? Because it makes me bored!"

    Baobhan Sith lacked interest in most things, and souring the general mood was only hobby she truly had. However, the stories told by Beryl about the "civilization from Pan Human History" made her eyes sparkle, so imitating the Pan Human History ended up becoming a personal obsession of her.

    "Wouldn't it be fun to have a tournament of military movements in a historical castle?
    Of course, everyone other than the first place would be massacred as

    In the course of that, she became possessed by the charm of the "shoes (heels)" from Pan Human History, turning into a shoes collector.
    If it is for the sake of shoes, she is willing to put on genuine efforts and even dreams about, in the future, producing shoes more stylish than any craftsman from Pan Human History. the bedroom of such Baobhan Sith (princess), a collection of fairies' bare feet that have been cut off at the heels is enshrined like a treasure.

    Height/Weight: 170cm・54kg
    Source: English fairy history, Lostbelt Britain
    Region: Fairy Nation・vicinity of Darlington
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    "The best looks, with the worst personality.☆
    There is no greater compliment~! Those were the agonizing death wails of those crushed by me though!

    Magic Resistance: EX
    The Magic Resistance of Fairy Knight Tristan (who never bends, repents or grows shy of her own style) display out-of-scale strength.

    Riding: A
    Fairy Knight Tristan has the Riding skill not due to mounting on anything, but by impelling the earth with her own feet.

    Territory Creation: A
    Due to also receiving education as a magus from the fairy world, she excels in the art of constructing workshops.

    Blessed Successor: EX
    Having been recognized as the daughter of Queen Morgan, she is furnished with the same "royal authority of domination" as Morgan.
    Just like how the knight from Pan Human History performed an "Admonition Towards the King of Knights", she too is endowed with enough spatial controlling power (mana domination zone) to give her opinions to Morgan.

    Greymalkin: A
    A skill crowned with the name of the fairy cat, the witch's footprints transmitted in England.
    A special quality that she herself originally possessed, and not something derived from being a fairy knight, but for some reason it is named after another fairy.


    Fetch Failnaught - Phantom Pain of Wailing Performance
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: Infinite
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A devilish attack (kiss) that always curse the target to death, no matter how far distant he is.
    Producing an "avatar of the opponent" from a portion of his body (hair, nails, etc.) and then cursing the person himself to death by killing the avatar. In simple terms, it is the fairy variation of ushi no koku mairi.
    In addition, 'fetch' refers to a doppelgšnger from Scotland.
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    A serpent evil spirit (alternatively, a wicked dragon) spoken about in the Rig Veda and the Mahabharata.
    With a name meaning "obstacle", it has been told to possess the power to dam up waters and induce droughts.
    The one to defeat Vritra and release these waters was the god Indra. Vritra was constantly depicted as Indra's enemy, and their conflict was supposedly repeated many times over in mythology.

    Indra's alias of Vṛitrahan means "he who kills Vritra".

    Dragon of the dammed region(1), Vritra.
    A draconic species and a divine spirit that embodied the concept of "obstacle" itself.
    Something that dams up the world.
    Upon manifesting as a Servant, that has been minimalized into a human form.

    Although often depicted as an evil god that brings about droughts, it has also been interpreted as a "giant of winter".

    If Vritra embodies the very "condition where water is absent (has been dammed up)" - such as a severe winter - then the Thunder God Indra that opposes it embodies the very "condition where that (the hardships from droughts and winter) was defeated, and a merciful rain falls after water has been released".

    The reason why it has been summoned in a female body is a mystery.
    Given the episode of how it died after becoming spellbound by the beauty Rambha, who was dispatched in accordance to one of Indra's schemes, it may be imitating said Rambha. Or maybe, by becoming a beauty herself, she is displaying her determination of "not falling for Indra's coward tricks again".

    Fundamentally, it is a being that transcended the concept of gender. Since its true nature does not change either way, Servant Vritra has nothing but a female disposition that is just enough to match its current form.

    Having an absolute necessity such a water dammed up is, of course, an agony for humans.
    It is wicked and evil. Thus, she is a wicked dragon.
    However, as a matter of fact, that was also something necessary for the world.
    Just like the discharge of a dam, the breath of a sprout in spring, in this world there is such a thing like "a vigor only born after being held back once".
    What she truly governs over is the "obstacle that is a necessary evil for the sake of evolution", "evolution that surely awaits beyond a surmounted obstacle".

    More than anything else, she finds pleasure in seeing people (or even the world itself) grow after overcoming the hardships and obstacles that she prepared.
    This is not affection, but a sense of enjoyment that is unilateral and condescending - truly befitting of a god.
    That is why she does not hold back nor shows any reservations.
    Despite preparing an obstacle that could even be seen as an absolute evil, that is not because she has any wishes to exterminate humans in particular.
    She just wants to see a stronger future, stronger world, stronger humanity.
    In other words, a sadism towards the entire world.
    Putting in another way, she is an overly harsh world trainer and audience.
    Someone who believes in the strength of people while being "in the evil side".

    Although Ganesha was also a god of obstacles originally, due to the effects of religious beliefs, his current disposition was mostly converted into that of a "god of fortune that removes obstacles".
    That is not the case with Vritra, who stoically "produces obstacles" to the bitter end.
    There is no leniency in her actions. Much less compassion.
    She simply wants to enjoy herself in her own self-indulgence--- that of seeing the figure of people, the world as they surmount her obstacles and grow.

    Height/Weight: 169cm・55kg
    Source: Hindu mythology
    Region: India
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    She holds the vajra that was once shot into her mouth.

    Destined Divine Enemy: A
    Although Vritra is depicted in many forms across legends, her role itself never changes.
    Fundamentally a being that opposes god; this skill denotes her immutable position and meaning of existence.

    Eternally Indestructible Demon: EX
    Supposedly, even if defeated by Indra, Vritra will once again revive after enough time has passed and begin her conflict with the god anew.
    A skill that denotes such eternal repetition, indestructibility that could be even likened to a natural phenomenon.
    The confrontation between "Vritra, who dams up water (brings about droughts, or maybe imprisons it on mountains and clouds)" and "Indra, who releases it by means of thunderstorms" was not a one time thing. Rather, it is something that has been repeated since the remote past and will also continue on eternally in the future.
    Possibly, this is the very primordial religious belief in regards to gods and nature.
    By means of an intensity equivalent to the reverence that people had towards nature when they turned it into a god, Vritra rules as an indestructible demon.


    Asura Shreshtha - O Demon, Completely Cover Heaven and Earth
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 9~99
    Maximum Targets: 1000 people
    A Noble Phantasm crowned with one of Vritra's aliases, meaning "best among the Asuras".
    By employing an army of demons (be them underlings or offshoots of her own self), she covers the world in accordance to her own meaning of existence, causing the target to become isolated. Just like how the "mountain" in the legends of "Vritra imprisoning waters in a mountain with its own body" can be interpreted as a "cloud", that appearance is much like an ominous cloud falling across the world.

    At the same time that she is a wicked dragon, Vritra has also been depicted as an Asura (demonic being), even possessing the name of Asurendra (king of Asuras).
    In the Mahabharata, there are descriptions of Vritra leading a large army of demonic beings (such as Kalakeyas and Rakshasas) to harass the Indra and the other gods. Consequentially, she can also employ this as an army of pure violence, and not just as an Authority to "dam up something".

    (1) the Japanese term 堰界 (ikai) has no direct equivalent in English and this is the closest translation I could come up with. Most likely, this is a completely original word born out of a pun with the term 異界 (ikai; spirit world)

    Karna (Santa)
    Karna (Santa)

    Karna turned into a Santa due many circumstances.

    Christmas is a once in a year occasion when everybody "wish for a present".
    Once he realized that Santa Claus is the very being who take on those wishes upon himself, and that he had the power to meet those expectations, Karna naturally had no hesitations about shouldering that role.
    "Santa, please give me a present". He quite naturally answer to such wishes from the children with a "I see. Then I shall present you". The type of Santa Claus who grants wishes neither too much or too little.
    Cool and with a lack of friendliness, but he is by no means cold. It is just that his kindness is hard to be conveyed.

    For some reason, his fighting methodology turned into a strait-laced boxing style.
    Thanks to that, he ended up remembering the training period in which he practiced diligently bare fists along with his brethren, and that apparently increased his "feelings of desire towards pure martial training and his own growth".

    Although it may appear as if he is no different from usual, in a sense one could also say that his mentality became "younger".
    Despite maintaining himself always cool, he can also behave in a passionate manner akin to the protagonist of a shonen manga just like that.

    Height/Weight: 178cm・65kg
    Source: The Glorious Santa Claus Road
    Region: India
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male
    His AGI parameter has been optimized for factors such as the punching speed and stepping speed of his boxing style.

    Riding: -
    Due having acquired a boxing style, he has lost the Riding skill despite being in the Saber Class.
    Although he is a Santa, Karna does not ride a sleigh. A boxer should just silently walk (do road work).

    Divinity: A
    The fact that he is the son of the Sun God Surya does not change even after he became a Santa.
    "Santa is the sun of the children. If anything, one could even say that Surya himself is a Santa".
    There was a Santa who indifferently said such a thing at the cafeteria.
    And behind him, Arjura kept making a puzzled face from beginning to end while eating curry.

    Hard Puncher: EX
    A skill that denotes the sheer might of his punching attacks.
    He possesses a sure-kill fist that can knock out the enemy with a single blow.

    Foot Santa: A
    A wondrous skill that combined together footwork and Santa Claus.
    The foundation of Santa Karna's fighting style.
    A skill that denotes the footwork, stepping techniques seen in boxing.
    In addition to things such as appropriate distance control in accordance to the situation, a high-speed stepping that does not miss even the slightest opening from the enemy, attack evasion by means of footwork and etc, this also allows him to walk as a Santa Claus that delivers presents on foot with certainty, no matter in what sort of dangerous location the recipient might be (such as fields of lava or heavy snow).

    Fist of Flash: A
    This Karna does not possess a spear, grasping only a fist.
    However, that does not mean a decline in fighting power.
    Having been trained by Drona - a master proficient in all sorts of martial arts - Karna is also familiar with bare-handed combat.
    If anything, the accumulated past recollections of having diligently studied martial arts together with Arjuna, Ashvatthaman and the others gave birth to a fresh sensation, causing his body to become lighter than when it was being dragged by the weight of his spear.

    The fastest speed of the punches that he can unleash surpasses the speed of light, so those who face against him will only be able to catch a glimpse of the traces of a fist that is much like a flash... perhaps.
    This also resembles an unwavering sword flash; in other words, his fists are truly like a drawn blade.
    "That is why the present me became a Saber."
    There was a Santa who resonantly said such a thing at the cafeteria.
    And behind him, Ashvatthaman kept making a puzzled face from beginning to end while eating chicken.


    Winning Arkaputra - Saint Consecutive Fist
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~2
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A finish combination that Santa Karna unleashes for the sake of victory.
    After performing an agile weaving so to not let the opponent focus on him, he steps in one go and blow away the enemy with a barrage of hooks from left and right, then two consecutive left jabs, followed by right straight and a upper punch in the end.
    Of course, all these punches have both the Santa Power and his strength as a son of Surya fully charged into them, with nothing held back. In special, in that upper launched at the very end, the surplus energy is expressed in a sublime manner by becoming wings of light, or a halo. The destructive power of this combination is on super galactic levels, and those who receive it fall flat on the mat with an impact akin of being struck by a meteorite.

    Arkaputra is one of Karna's aliases, meaning "child of the sun".

    Graharaja Santa Cross - Saint Crossing Fist
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~2
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A one-hit one-kill cross-counter punch, which this Karna devised as his finishing blow.
    This was created because, in addition to awakening to a boxing style as soon as he became a Santa Claus, Karna learned about the existence of a sure-kill punch in boxing called cross-counter and for some reason reached the conclusion that "the knockout blow of a Santa is the cross-counter, and surely that is the reason why his name is Santa Claus".
    It is impossible to perceive this technique by sight.
    The fist released in perfect match to the enemy attack will strike at the chin of said enemy like a beam, drawing a single trace of light akin to the glimmer of the sun.
    That appearance resembles even a slash from the holy sword of the planet; in other words, this is a sure-kill fist and a sure-kill sword(1).

    "Graharaja" means "king of constellations" and is one of the aliases of the Sun God Surya.

    (1) this is a pun. The Japanese terms for "sure-kill fist" (必殺拳) and "sure-kill sword" (必殺剣) can both be read as "hissatsu ken"

    Senji Muramasa (Shirou)
    Senji Muramasa

    A swordsmith from Kuwana, Ise Province.
    His pseudonym during the Bunki period was Uemon no Jou.
    Regarded as the founder of the swordsmith clan that produced blades of most excellent sharpness during the Sengoku period (although there are documents from the Edo period indicating the existence of three earlier generations of Muramasas - from the supposed founder of the Jouji period until the one from Ouei - the oldest sword that can be confirmed as a work of the Muramasa clan belongs to the early Bunki period. As such, this work regards the Muramasa of the Bunki years as the founder).

    He appears in the ďSeven Contests of Master Swordsmen Heroic SpiritsĒ as a Heroic Spirit dispatched by the Counter Force, while in the blanked Earth he is a Heroic Spirit summoned by the "God from Another Planet".
    Really, what is his truth, inner feelings....?

    "Huh? There is nothing strange or mysterious about it!
    So long I can perform my job in an acceptable manner, I'm fine either way!

    An old man who devoted his life to the manufacture of swords.
    His appearance in this manifestation is very much that of a virile young man, but his mentality is instead closer to someone in his final years.
    His personality is vigorous, showing no hesitations nor concerns about the future.
    His speech is mostly curt, and one cannot call him friendly by any standards.
    At a first glance, it is easy to think of him as a coldhearted person, but once you get to know him you discover that he very good at looking after others.
    A man with a chivalrous spirit.

    While indeed the personality of Muramasa himself, this is also the personality of the body that became his vessel.... Or maybe, the young man who became the vessel might have attained this personality if he were to lead a fulfilling life until his old age.

    A (workaholic) person who takes pride in "completing" the job he was commissioned with to a point that he finds acceptable - regardless of the contents of said commission or who the client is.
    Although he can choose to take cruel・cold-blooded measures for the sake of his job at times, it seems that he simply cannot bring himself to perform heretic deeds.

    Back in the Sengoku Era (a time when a vast number of blades were forged), many great swordsmiths had set up shop all over Japan.
    On occasion, they would even join the battlefield and repair the blades that were damaged during combat.
    Among them, the swordsmith of Kuwana in the Ise Province - Senji Muramasa - was well known as a skilled artisan, and his blades were especially sought by the warriors of Mikawa.

    There are legends about the blades of the Muramasa clan.
    Supposedly, they were bewitched swords that brought calamity to the family of the Tokugawa shoguns.
    The blade employed in the assassination of Ieyasu's grandfather, Matsudaira Kiyoyasu.
    The blade that cut down his father, Hirotada.
    The blade that assisted in the suicide of his eldest son, Matsudaira Nobuyasu.
    And the blade that injured Ieyasu himself...
    Supposedly, all of those blades bore the name "Muramasa".

    A famous sword, and also a Tokugawa-slaying bewitched sword. The fearsome Muramasa.
    In many narrativeskabuki plays, the name "Muramasa" is used for bloody bewitched swords.
    It also appears in legends regarding antagonists of the Tokugawa.
    In 1651, Yu Shousetsu was supposedly in possession of a Muramasa when he plotted to overthrow the shogunate. In the "Meishou Genkouroku", Sanada Yukimura was also described as the owner of a Muramasa.

    During the Bakumatsu, many patriots intent on overthrowing the shogunate sought for Muramasa blades, including Saigou Takamori. When the Boshin War broke out, the commander-in-chief of he Eastern front, Prince Arisugawa Taruhito, was supposedly carrying a "Muramasa".

    Height/Weight: 167cm・58kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Male
    "Although my heart is that of an old geezer in the brink of death, I got a body that I can treat as unreasonably as I want.
    Is this what they call feeling rejuvenated?

    Territory Creation: A
    Senji Muramasa operates while based in his own workshop--- his smithy.
    Of course, this is something completely different from those employed by the magi, but it appears that he has been granted the Class Skill of a Caster due an interpretation made when he manifested as a Servant.
    As a chief of craftsmen, he possesses an extraordinary Territory Creation ability.

    Appreciation for Swords: A
    A skill falsely similar to Appreciation for Fine Arts.
    An understanding towards armaments. Just by taking a single glance at ordinary weapons that are not Noble Phantasms, he is able to grasp how it should be used in a fight. At A Rank and above, he is also able to understand weapons other than swords.
    It works as an accurate advice towards allies, and he is also able to see through the weak points of enemies.

    Inauspicious at Present: B
    A skill derived from the legends surrounding the blades endowed with the name of Muramasa, the so called "Bewitched Sword Muramasa" legends.
    Supposedly, the swords produced by Senji Muramasa and his clan brought calamity to the ruling Tokugawa House.
    In FGO, it works as a "special efficacy towards statesmen・kings".

    Test Cutting: B+
    Also called tameshi-giri, tameshi kenjutsu.
    A technique to measure the performance, sharpness of a sword.
    Senji Muramasa can freely draw out the destructive power that the weapon in his hands is furnished with. If he feels like it, it is even possible to draw out the maximum force that would cause said weapon to break itself in a single swing.

    Eyes of Karma: A
    A latent ability of his body. A variation of the skill Clairvoyance.
    It improves both motionless and dynamic vision.
    Powers of observation that are specialized for only combat maneuvers.
    With this body, it is impossible to perceive fate like a proper Clairvoyance... or so it should have been. But, thanks to Muramasa's own sense of values (who spent his entire lifetime staring at the "karma" found amidst the flames), these eyes of the falcon reached a point where they can pierce not only the prey, but also the causality that lies ahead.

    Blaze: EX
    Casting exercises in which he invests his body and soul, to the point of burning himself to ashes.

    "All convergences(1), all longstanding desires, all untimely deaths---
    Those were all for the sake of reaching this single sword.


    Tsumukari Muramasa - Sourceless Sword Creation
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 10 people
    A Noble Phantasm that manufactures the ultimate sword.
    After generating a wasteland of countless swords by means of the deployment of a peculiar Reality Marble (supposedly, that scenery somewhat resembles the "Unlimited Blade Works (Infinite Sword Creation) of Heroic Spirit EMIYA"), all these swords crumble and scatter as if snow crystals until a single blade remains in Senji Muramasa's hand.
    Its slash severs time space and causality altogether.
    The blade's name is "Tsumukari Muramasa".
    Tsumukari comes from the "Tsumukari no Tachi (also called "Tsumuha no Tachi")".
    In other words, it denotes the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi/Kusanagi no Tsurugi - the divine treasure that appeared from the tail of the greatest calamity dragon of Japan, Yamata no Orochi. A red-eyed apparition possessing eight heads and eight tails that boasted an enormous size, spanning across eight peaks and valleys, it was ultimately killed by Susanoo no Mikoto.

    (1) although I have no proof, I believe that the term 収斂 (shuuren; 'astringency' or 'convergence') used here is a pun of sorts regarding 修練 (shuuren; 'training' or 'discipline')
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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey
    I had this idea too, but with many more skills of other creators as well. But that would be a terrible ordeal. One would need to start per creator and then go through all their works and compile their non-prf skills...
    Oh lawd i can imagine me doing this
    I say start from your own, if you'd like. Compiling everyone's Skills will take massive amounts of time and effort as you said, but starting with your own sheets first shouldn't be as hard. Maybe if more and more people would start doing that, a complete Beast Lair Skill Compendium might not be so impossible, eventually.
  4. DelRey's Avatar
    I had this idea too, but with many more skills of other creators as well. But that would be a terrible ordeal. One would need to start per creator and then go through all their works and compile their non-prf skills...
    Oh lawd i can imagine me doing this
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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey
    here are the custom icons WF cropped for us, so you have icons for Saver, Watcher and GK
    Oh, I just noticed this. Absolute legends the both of you.

    EDIT: They're a bit mis-sized, but I don't know how to fix that...
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    I'm not a TM fan nor do I want to be one because of the disappointment you guys had to go through however, I do see why people were in the first place. I'm actually super jealous of the fans who knew TM from the get go and experience when they were just a doujin group. I'm just a nobody that heard about this site and decided to finally visit it because I wanted to see if this site had a distaste for FGO and the current TM and I was right. It was a Dullahan post that was really long, while I read some parts of it, something about a refrigerator and some shit but anyways, the whole point was for my very own two eyes was to see I wasn't alone about the distaste for FGO. I'm all in for FGO just to ride and die. The one thing that if I had to like about FGO is just Mashu.

    FGO shouldn't even exist, it's nothing more than GREED that's all. TM took the offer and decided to play this stupid gacha charade for all these years beforehand when they announced Mahoyo, Girls Works, and Tsukihime remake. A promise they made to the fans yet they were the first ones to break it. I can't imagine what their colleagues thought during that time but there had to be no doubt arguments. Personally, Iím very surprised there wasnít a big rant or commotion about the FGO release but the video I saw and interviews were good enough for me.

    Supposedly I heard it was supposed to go like this Mahoyo one, Tsukihime remake, Mahoyo two and three. Sadly, it didn't happen in the expansion of 2012-2020. I don't even know if they even still want to continue their non fate work to this point because they don't care or communicate. If TM really cared they would shut down FGO and go back to their traditional games.

    If I was a fan from the very beginning, I probably would've felt the same that you're feeling and the rest sigh... Just even thinking about it makes me feel despair DAGA I REFUSE TO FEEL THAT WAY. WHY I DONíT WANT TO FEEL THAT WAY BECAUSE THERE IS MAGIC IN THAT HOPE.

    I donít know if this solution will work for you but it works for me!

    When I read the TM history on Tsuki kan. I thought about the sheer amount of blood and sweat they had to preserve just to make Tsukihime. The one thing that really caught my attention was the words written by Kinoko Nasu and reading them. In a sense when I write down on a piece of paper and write whatever I feel thatís me thatís my soul and then it hits me. IT WAS THEIR SOUL THEY INSCRIBE IN THEIR WORKS THAT SPEAKS TO ME AND WHEN I DONíT SEE IT ANYMORE I SUCCUMB TO THIS

    I would just make TM memes, videos, jokes, scripts.
    I listen to Fukasawa Hideyuki - WINGS
    I fap to Neco Arc
    I see fanart and videos
    I replay their games and reread their works.


    Personally, I think the only way to hurt TYPE-MOON in the best way possible is to hit them where it hurts. I think the only way to do that was to make an anime of Carnival Phantasm S2, Girl works, Mahoyo, and Tsukihime. Just to get under their skin of the works they were supposed to do but itís being shown in their very eyes however Iím not talented enough to do that but maybe if I was a fan before and the release of fgo. I wouldíve jumped the gun.


    It's ironic that Tsukihime was the beginning of TM and now we finally get to see a traditional TYPE-MOON work after all these years.

    TYPE-MOON Fes. is within the next year and by any chance most of what they show is mostly FATE and FGO. I would be inspired once again to continue my projects and make fun of them just like those before me who made jokes about the FSN 15th logo.

    However, if you truly want to be done with them then by all means, it's your choice. It was just a mere coincidence that I saw this blog and was inspired but remembered the good memories. Never replace or forget those.
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    here are the custom icons WF cropped for us, so you have icons for Saver, Watcher and GK
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran
    I can't say I disagree with that, and Manaka herself opens up some interesting possibilities, storywise - though I admit, I'm only passingly familiar with Prototype. Still, perhaps I should look into joining . . .?
    Go ahead, its open! (Super late response, I am painfully aware. Sorry about that.)
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    Here's a link of why those chapters in Volume 6 were short.
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    I was bored so I watched Deen Stay Night and then wanted to watch more. etc etc.
    Embarrassingly enough, the original vn is the furthest I've gone
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    Just checked these out. Love the icon designs. Especially like how it incorporated Bazett's Command Spells. XD
    I assume she's one of the heroes who qualifies? XD