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  1. Caster Imhotep Additional Information

    On the Egyptian Gods:

    Egyptian Gods Origins

    All of the Egyptian Gods technically stem from one source, Heka, a machine created by a civilization of people living on the planet Vulcan which once existed between the Sun and Mercury. Their exact motivations for doing so were nebulous, yet Imhotep believes it may have been due to them foreseeing their own demise, yet not understanding or refusing to understand the cause of their demise. Heka was a machine designed based on a similar device on their planet

    Updated May 29th, 2021 at 07:04 AM by Cursed by Fortuna

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  2. Demon Hunters (Volume 3) Now Available!!

    Volume 3 of my Demon Hunters saga is now open to the public @ I also re-edited some chapters in Volume 1 & 2. I'm taking the week off this story; just need to get my health in order.
  3. Demon Hunters - Volume 3 Release Delayed

    Due to the winter storm, my release of Volume 3 of my "Demon Hunters" saga has been delayed. Hopefully, I'll try to get that volume up as soon as possible.
  4. Anyone with any knowledge of obscure Arthuriana over here?

    I'm... currently at work on a sheet, from something gleaned from a blurb of a suitably obscure Matter of Britain fiction concerning Mordred. It posits character relationships (and relationship breakups) that may be a bit OOC even for Fate, and as that work seems to be absent even from the Internet, I thought it next best to consult the opinion of someone well-versed in the byways of obscure Arthurian lore.

    So... hit me up with a PM or something? If nothing else, I'll read it at least ...
  5. Drawing low quality porn every week....

    Maybe one day I'll level up into high quality porn.
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