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  1. Badass Versus Thread

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    CCC Gilgamesh is a full heroic spirit who's not restrained by servant class.
    Completely false. Whoever said this did not even touch CCC and just talk shit out of their asses. He has no servant class because he was not assigned one for the purpose of a HGW, he's not allowed to participate duh. Moon Cell still summoned him as a Servant, according to the material book:
    Quote Originally Posted by extra mats
    We also see him use full power Ea for the first time with which he
  2. Excerpt from ???

    An excerpt from a thing that might be happening soon. Who knows.


    Gray tried to suppress a shiver as she watched the entrance at the far end of the hallway.

    As always, the ruins around her were uncomfortably warm. Only a dull, muted sunlight managed to penetrate this deep within the temple, meaning most of the light in the chamber came from the two makeshift torches set up ...
  3. Curiosity

    Months already, this information had been in my head, thirsty for confirmation or invalidation.

    4階 ノーツ(TYPE-MOON)

    Admin Contact
    Nobuyuki Kiyotake
    Phone: +81.338656177
    Fax: +81.338656166
    Fax Ext:
    Email:[email protected]

    If the information is correct, then Notes is on ...
  4. On Archetypes and Nature: What does being a Child mean?

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    Decided to write a whole post as a cover for a comment.

    Well, i once got slandered for claiming to be part of a group of reverse engineers. Today i'm pretty sure it was one of those moments when someone decided to engage an innocent fool into playing social ladder games. Those things are quite nauseating, but still, we are talking about humonkey dynamics, so i don't think there's a way to avoid such happenings.

    The last major happening, the fact that i actually decided
  5. On Archetypes and Nature: What does being a Child mean?

    Quote Originally Posted by purple_teardrops View Post
    I've had some trouble in the last few days, mostly because my nature tends to get filtered and cast on this world thru the 'prisms', shall we call them that, of the nature of a girl and the nature of a child.

    I'm trying to crack reality further down (that is, before i decide to kill myself out of lack of any hope) into a midly predictable formula before i decide to cosplay Lycoris and get the program to end, but one of the things that has mostly gotten me thinking, in these last few