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    What unfortunate events brought this on
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    A massive load of wank it indeed is.
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    YES cheers to some more bangers from now on.
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    I remember the Foo Fighters parody from the first album some, uh, 25 years ago

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    Not spelling out those manifold bittersweet blessings?
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    The baby is waking up, gotta keep him asleep.
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    Add White Frenzy's monthly contribution for shits and giggles, eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wololo24
    This is very good stuff. Any idea on how Chiron works into it?
    oh my sorry, i didnt see you wrote here. I dont get a message when someone comments here!
    Honestly right now no idea. Idk the creation background of the Apocrypha Chiron, could very well be that the creator disregarded the hinted machine god background or did not know that the Titan Fleet was apparently destroyed before even arriving at Earth. Could be that Nasuverse plays with the difference between the Titan Kronos/Cronus, a harvest god and king of Titans with Khronos, the Primordial God of time from the Orphic Mythology and their syncretism. That way they could perhaps switch their roles, making the Titan have the Time powers and the earthly variant a regular god of the harvest.

    Been a while since I worked on Greek Myth, the Olympiai gonna be a lot of work when I get to that.
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    remembers me of this story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabris
    Irrelevant in the larger scheme of things, but I do like the formatting.
    Thank you very much, Tabris! I'm glad you liked it.
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    Hm, hm, useful. Now how to sticky this, or something?
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    its good
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    Amuro, I'm about to do something extremely wicked.
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    damn hux, great job!
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    Good job!